Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of content. More than you might think at first glance. And not all the details and peculiarities hold the game in front of you.

You may discover it yourself by accident, you only become aware of other things through the advice of others.

Of course, Animal Crossing is also celebrating: New Horizons with Day of the Rabbit, which runs until April 12. go! To learn all about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, click here!

And maybe with these Easter eggs and secrets, there is something you don’t know yet …

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1. Speed ​​up manufacturing

Want to do something on the workbench? You probably do this more often, choose the recipe, and then wait for your character to end. But did you also know that you can speed it up? Just press the A key repeatedly during the manufacturing process, then it’s faster!

Of course, Animal Crossing is also celebrating: New Horizons with Day of the Rabbit, which runs until April 12. go! To learn all about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, click here!

2. A customizable Nintendo Switch

Nintendo will give you a switch as an item for your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And if you bought the Animal Crossing edition of the console, the game recognizes it and gives you the right variation of the game.

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3. The secret beach

You know the beaches in the south, west and east of your island, but you have probably already discovered the small mini north beach on the map. You can also join him! Just go down the ladder to the beach. But: Apparently nothing special is happening here. Nevertheless, you can configure the decoration here, for example.


4. Go to the bathroom

Yes, you can go to the bathroom with your character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And that’s not just a useless fun feature. On the contrary! If you’ve eaten too much fruit and don’t want to run the risk of destroying a rock, go to the bathroom. So you can empty your stomach and hit the rock safely.

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5. There is a craft instruction for medicine

You’ve probably been stung by wasps in the game before. Besides, your character looks pretty roughed up. In the Nook Store you can buy Medicines that will help you, but you can also craft them yourself! To get the recipe, all you need to do is talk to a resident on your island after you get stung and your eye is still swollen.


6. Tree stumps are not just an obstacle

When you drop trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a tree stump remains. They are not just an unnecessary obstacle that stands in your way. No, tree stumps can attract rare beetles that you wouldn’t find otherwise. If you want to complete your wildlife pedagogy, you need to leave some tree stumps on your island where the insects will then spawn.

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7. Influence the rapid selection of tools

If you press left or right on the controller’s D-Pad, you change tool after tool. What initially appears to be a coincidence follows a certain order! Namely, the order in which the tools are in your pocket, starting at the top left to the top left and then continuing to the right. So organize them accordingly if you want to change the order.


8. Catching wasps the easy way

As read in point five, wasps sometimes sting you. But that doesn’t have to happen if you’re ready. For example, by shaking trees with your landing net. If the nest falls to the ground, you have a short time to swing the net towards the wasps. Or you run away briefly and open the bag – as long as the window is open the wasps don’t attack – then equip the landing net and swiftly swing it at the wasps on the approach. Doesn’t always work, but often enough.

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9. Boxes can be stacked

Have you caught a lot of fish or insects and you want to store them to resell them at a higher price to Lomeus or Carlson? Then you can stack them too! Of course, not arbitrarily and as you wish. There are large, medium and small boxes. Small and medium-sized businesses can be stacked on top of the large boxes so that you have more space.


10. Dress easily with a wardrobe

Want a simple overview of your existing clothing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Then you need a wardrobe! If you interact with it, you will see a nice UI with the clothes you own and at the same time get a preview of how it would look like your character. Practically!

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