Animal Crossing: New Horizons events have a big problem. And it’s not that there are too few of them. On the contrary: since the start of sales in March, there have been several different events. On the contrary, in most cases they lack the basic motivation that should normally be at the heart of these events. Give players a reason to review the game and keep them busy for a while. In reality, it rarely takes more than a day.

Take the example of International Museum Day. It started on May 18 and ends on May 31, for a total of two good weeks. Two weeks, which above all illustrate the wasted potential. What does the event offer? A stamp hunt at the Eugens Museum. It’s a short, fun job for ten minutes, although the challenge sucks.

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The real problem is longevity. Theoretically, this stamp hunt can be repeated every day with slightly different positions of the stamp station. But why? The rewards are always the same and there is absolutely no incentive to start over each day. The problem is playful. More interesting and varied activities or mini-games with a small challenge would be desirable, along with a greater variety of rewards. How about other objects or decorations? Or a few sternises and miles?

On the other hand, the problem is that there is a deeper meaning behind Museum Day in real life: “International Museum Day is an event that has taken place every year since 1978 and on the third or second Sunday. in May, the diversity and importance of museums are brought to the attention of the public. », They say on Wikipedia. Museum Day in New Horizons lacks this idea a bit. Of course the stamp hunt takes you through the individual areas of the Eugens Museums, which is designed in its own right, and tries to deliver you some lively words at the stamp stations.

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But why not take the opportunity to integrate real science, real information? Background details and interesting facts about the different animal species in the museum, on important things such as environmental protection, ocean protection and similar topics related to the respective areas of the museum. It would have been an opportunity to convey important things in a fun way.

This is the problem with virtually every event that has taken place in New Horizons to date. Developers are scratching the surface of what is possible with them, but fail to unleash the depth that is theoretically present. The events are too shallow and insignificant to seriously bind screen players for more than a day and invest more hours than they normally would.

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Which is a shame, because half-baked events like this tend to lower long-term motivation rather than promote it. The most interesting innovations of recent times have been Reiner and Gerd – and none of them have been part of an event, the rewards of which are as few real incentives as they are activities. New Horizons is a game that successfully unleashes the creativity of players, because unlike previous events does not overflow with creativity. It’s much better, Nintendo!

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