So far you guys Animal Crossing: New Horizons sure a few hours of free entertainment, but what does the future look like?

Nintendo announced that there will be regular updates and free events for the game.

And in fact there is one or the other in prospect waiting for you in the near future. We’ll show you here as well as what might follow next.

Nature Day is currently underway and will run until May 4, where you can get a hedge as a new type of fence. Then it goes on like this …

May 1-7 – May celebration

Tomorrow, May 1, May celebration in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a result, you will be able to visit a special island for a limited time. It looks very different than the one you can visit otherwise. And you meet a special visitor, namely Olli.

The May celebration is fast approaching.

May 18 to 31 – International Museum Day

Shortly after the May celebration International Museum Day. Of course, the Eugens Museum plays an important role, because here we find Stamp Hunt instead of. You get stamps when you look at fish, bugs, and fossils in the museum. And those who collect enough stamps will receive a reward.

Stamp hunt on museum day.

June 1 to 30 – wedding season

The whole month of June is then Wedding season devoted. The focus is on Harvey’s Island, where you meet couple Björn and Rosina. You have to help them take great photos on their wedding day. And you will be rewarded with new wedding related articles.

Take beautiful photos of the couple.

What happens next in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The events mentioned above are what has been officially announced so far. And what else? Well, it might be worth revisiting Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This can give us a taste of what could happen in New Horizons – which of course is not a guarantee!

in the May for example, there is still one Mothers and fathers day, while you may be this month or June the first one Insecticus tournament might expect to catch insects. Whether in New Horizons too Midsummer is and the sun does not set, remains to be seen.

in the July (and through September), you might get sun-tanned in New Leaf, as was the August fireworks – also in New Horizons? On the occasion of the fall moon you received from Melinda in September or October a gift at the fairground and in October it’s natural Halloween!

Whether in New Horizons November a Mushroom season or one Fall festival happen? Keep in mind that in some things it could of course also be important that your island is in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, as southern hemisphere players are entering fall.

During the winter months – December to February – you can probably Northern Lights see and snowman to build. In addition, the Virtue and Toy Day, Mid-winter and new year’s eve play a role here.

At the beginning of January is this New Year on the program, in February and March can follow Carnival, Valentine’s Day and Day of the Cloverbefore he starts over with rabbit day and cherry blossoms.

In other words, there are a number of events Nintendo could take on New Leaf, but at the same time, of course, new ideas can be expected as well. This is a small collection of things you get could, so don’t assume that. It is almost certain that specific things like toy days will be included.

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