good that tarentules often known as dangerous and helpful creatures, they are also very desirable for the first time in an Animal Crossing title.

The rarity and high yield of these spiders forces many New Horizons players to search en masse to fill their island with them.

But how do you catch or bring this useful and dangerous animal to your island? We will explain this below.


How to find and catch tarantulas in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

You can’t find tarantulas all day. These animals only appear on your island from the beginning of November to the end of April between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. Due to their rarity, you should always look carefully at these times to find them.

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Important: in the months when the tarantula cannot be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there was the scorpion. It’s similar to the tarantula, and you get the same amount of blades for it!

When you belong to the lucky one and find such a spider, take a good look at its paws. If they feel threatened, they put it in the air. Don’t be too quick because tarantulas like to attack you. If this happens, you pass out and the animal quickly runs away.

To properly catch a tarantula you should slowly approach with your net ready. To do this, press your A button at any time. If you see the spider’s legs going up in the air at this time, stay still and wait for them to come down.

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If that happens, move a little closer. Repeat until you can just overlay the spider. In the video below, you can see how this process works:

The Price of Tarantulas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Since you find tarantulas difficult to catch and catch, they are highly sought after by in-game traders.

They pay 8,000 blades for every spin you catch. As a player, you try to catch and sell as many of these animals as possible, although it is very difficult.

To make things a little easier, you have the option of making your own tarantula. In other words, it ensures that the spiders are forced to spawn. But how do you do that?

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More advice on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Looking for more information on Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then read our guide and tips on Animal Crossing New Horizon. There you will find information on how quickly you will get hooked by selling tubers and catching tarantulas to pay for your house. We also explain which fish and insects can be caught this month and how to upgrade the service desk and start the Nooks Hoek upgrade. We don’t forget the Blathers Museum either, and we protect you from Redd’s fakes on the paintings. We’ll also give you more info about your island, such as how to get a three-star rating to have KK Slider perform a gig and you can finally terraform your island. Of course, we are also talking about the basics. Visitors like Gulliver, Wisp are explained, we explain how to plant different fruits and bamboos on your island. Animal Crossing New Horizons is also all about customizing your island, so scan your own designs with QR codes and create your own furniture with DIY plans, for example, to finally get those iron wood furniture in your kitchen. And of course, you have the necessary tools and materials. After all, you want all the villagers and your multiplayer friends to be in awe of what you’ve accomplished. Oh, and you’re in the maze event for May 1st, right? It’s really fun!

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What is Tarantula Island, how do you get there, and how to get the most out of your visit?

One of the mysterious islands is sometimes full of tarantulas, which is why fans renamed the place tarantulas. You can visit this island by purchasing a ticket with Nook miles and flying to the island via the airport. There, you fill your bags with tarantulas which you in turn sell. Each visit therefore brings in between 200,000 and 250,000 clings each time. Paying off your home mortgage is a snap

Across mysterious islands you will find not only spiders, but also exotic flora and fauna. Once you will find fruit trees and other times the spider will crawl. Every visit is different.

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To increase the likelihood of the island turning into a tarantula island, it is wise to visit a mysterious island only at night. Unfortunately, this strategy does not spawn tarantulas on the island every time.

If you manage to reach the island on tarantulas, empty your pockets and catch as many tarantulas as you can. Don’t worry about losing these things, as you’ll have the option to purchase everything again through the pilot in exchange for Nook-Miles.

Another safe method of catching a group of spiders is to dig holes in a circle that prevent them from escaping. Then stand near a randomly dug hole and place your net over another spider closest to the opposite side. Repeat this trick until you catch the whole group.

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Below you can see how Reddit user tahmsplat does it:

Tarantula Island Strategy from r / AnimalCrossing

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So get back to your island now and earn cash in no time!

How do you force tarantulas to appear?

When you arrive on the mysterious island, there are hardly any tarantulas.

To increase the chances of spawning, make the island completely bald. It means more trees, flowers, rocks or fruit. This scares other insects and only spawns tarantulas. Twitter user Voxels quickly found out.

Unfortunately, there are also mysterious islands where there are absolutely no insects and therefore no tarantulas.

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On the other hand, emptying an island completely takes a long time and it gets boring at some point. Especially if you know that few new tarantulas appear early on.

To make money fast, we recommend that you find and sell rare fish.

Do you want to know more? Then start with our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide and tips for more tips.

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