the tuber fair has become a real tradition within the series. It is not surprising that the Animal Crossing New Horizons Return.

Although you are now dealing with the saleswoman Daisy Maeinstead of his grandmother Joan. Fortunately, the idea behind the tuber fair has remained the same. You buy tubers for a low purchase price and sell them next week for a big profit.

It’s a little easier than a real show, but there are a few things to keep in mind. This way you can still lose blades during a bad week.


When does Daisy Mae come to Animal Crossing New Horizons to sell tubers?

The tuber vendor Daisy Mae is one of the animals that visits your island from time to time. Unlike the saleswoman Saharah, you can take Daisy Maes’ visit into account.

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Daisy Mae visits all Sunday morning your island. She leaves when it is noon. For early risers, that means Daisy Mae will likely be on your island around 5 a.m.

When you talk to Daisy Mae, you will be informed about the price of the tubers. This price changes weekly and also differs by island. So sometimes someone else has a better purchase price. If the price is right for you, you can buy as many tubers as you want.

When you have the tubers, you are supposed to sell at a profit next week. You’re supposed to do it before Sunday. Otherwise, they rot and you lose your investment. So if you still have your tubers on Saturday afternoon, it would be best to sell them at a loss.

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Finally, for those new to New Horizons, it is important that you play at least two or three days. Otherwise, Daisy Mae will not visit. She announces her first visit by mail, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

This way you sell tubers and at what time the price changes

You can sell your tubers at Nook’s Hoek from Monday morning. Talk to Timmy and Tommy and ask for the price of the tubers.

The selling price changes at noon, so there are two times a day you can sell your stock for a good price.


This means that in one week you have twelve chances of selling your tubers. While waiting for a good price, you can potentially win more. Although, it is entirely possible that this luck will not happen again at some point. In other words, you have to check when you are selling your tubers.

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However, there is a convenient way to guarantee better prices. Both for purchase and sale.

In this way you effectively play the exchange of tubers and you get the best price

It is important to know that the price is different for each player. This means that you will find great buy and sell prices thanks to multiplayer. By keeping an eye on other players, you actually make sure that you never sell your tubers at a loss. You can even make big profits.

We recommend that you use social media, WhatsApp, or the specific subreddit. There is also a thing like Turnip.Exchange. There you will find the best price for your tubers if you search carefully.

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As mentioned earlier, you need to watch the process. From the moment Daisy Mae arrives on your island until Saturday afternoon. You get the best results when working with other players.

But of course you have to sell the tubers by Saturday afternoon at the latest. Whether you make a profit or a loss.

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Tuber price: what is the right price to buy and sell tubers?

Tuber prices will vary greatly from day to day and from island to island. We have seen buy prices of around 90 blades and sell prices as high as 600 blades. It means that you can make a lot of profit.

While it is possible, it is important to know that these extreme prices do not happen quickly. A sale price of around 200 blades is enough to make a lot of profit.

Be careful though. When the week is almost over, it doesn’t make sense to wait for a good price. Sometimes it’s enough to settle for a slightly lower selling price.

Playing the tuber swap is a risky business. If you want more security, there are plenty of other ways to make money. Including tarantulas and starting an orchard.

Do you want to know more? Then start with our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide and tips for more tips.

Source : IGN