The ghost To erase haunts your island at night Animal Crossing New Horizons. He only gets scared quickly, which shatters his mind to pieces.

When you talk to the ghost, you are also asked to collect five parts of Twig. A witty mission.

All that effort is worth it, because Twig has one reward for you.

Clear weather and location in New Horizons explained

Like other special residents, such as Gulliver, Twig comes to your island completely at random in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You really have to look for it every time because it doesn’t let you know it’s there.

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Twig only appears after a few days. It only appears at night. Then it floats aimlessly around your island, until you talk to it or until morning.

While an expensive item can be appealing, we always recommend going for “something new”.
Twig states that he can’t properly appreciate items, so you can get something that isn’t so much worth in the end. In addition, it is also possible that you will get something that you already own.
The reward for “something new” might not be expensive, but it’s a new addition to your collection.
You also get Nook miles when you help Wisp. Good luck with the ghost hunt!

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