Animal Crossing: New Horizons is only a few weeks old, but countless players are already proving how much creativity you can put into expanding your island and what is possible. From bustling cities to natural paradises to obstacle courses that invite you to play, builders can always amaze their visitors. Looking for inspiration for our own island, we have taken a look and found many awesome works of art that we want to show you on this page. Maybe you find yourself something you never thought of and soon turn your island into a Zen garden, a desert or the famous prison island “The Rock”.

8 things Animal Crossing: New Horizons would do even better

Welcome to Jurassic Crossing

The name “Isla Nublar” should be a household name for dinosaurs and movie buffs – it’s the island from the Jurassic Park movie series that is often listed as one idea of ​​possible island names. Moreover, it is also a good template to design your island. This is exactly what Reddit user “daneccleston86” did. The island is full of dinosaurs that can be seen in their enclosures. But visitors don’t have to be afraid of being eaten (it’s too late for that, he should have fed them).

Welcome …… to Jurassic (Park) Crossing by r / AnimalCrossing

For fun and children: the island as an interactive obstacle course

Do you dream of your own gaming island in the truest sense of the word? Then you are probably like the “mlxgame” player. He turned his entire island into a gigantic obstacle course in which players can have a race. The task is to climb up and down cliffs, conquer water, find a way through a maze, pass aquariums, roll over beds of hay, and avoid traps. A beautiful, impressive idea and well implemented.

It’s amazing all the things you can do on your island [credit to mlxgame] of r / AnimalCrossing

To fear: the horror island of silent horror

If you’re not averse to spooky places, YouTuber’s “No One” Horror Island may be something for you. His “little horror project” is inspired by the Victorian era and features a graveyard with bloodstains, some sort of abandoned school building (of course also with bloodstains) or a spooky library. In the video below you’ll see a little tour that quickly shows how much effort is involved.

Living on the golf course

Are you still looking for a sporting attraction for your island? How about a mini golf course, as Amy featured on Twitter. Playing golf is not yet possible at Animal Crossing, but the course is already prepared. As you know, there are different courses with different difficulty levels and obstacles that you have to go around to throw the ball into the hole.

Find Inner Peace in the Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are now created and loved all over the world because they combine tranquility and aesthetics in a unique way. It is about creating an idealized landscape in small format, which presents the viewer with an original but harmonious overall picture, but also offers completely new perspectives from different angles. Everything found in nature is used: rocks, water, wood and bamboo, mosses and herbs and of course flower arrangements. Reddit user Theroxaz also seems to have liked Japanese Gardens, as you can see in the photos below.

Made a small Japanese / Zen inspired park. by r / AnimalCrossing

If you are sent to the desert …

… Your island should look like that of Reddit user “Angel_of_Mischief”. He emptied his island as much as possible, covered it with sand, and erected a small pyramid and a sphinx. In the video below, he takes you through his sandy landscape in appropriate desert attire.

Here is a video of my desert for who wanted to see it from r / AnimalCrossing

If you can’t do without Super Mario Bros. Mario: World 1-1 as an island

What happens when you play Animal Crossing as a Super Mario fan? Well, the answer to that is probably provided by Japanese gamer “だ い ち, who recreated Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 on his island in New Horizons … at least in abbreviated form and as much as possible made with individual designs there are tubes, blocks, Mario himself, Gumbas, Koopas and of course at the end the flag with the lock. Unfortunately, you can’t really play the level, but this job still looks cool.

City life

This is probably not the right thing for everyone, but if you are a kid of the big city and miss that environment on your empty island, you should do the same as player “Lucky” and make one. big city. Its version is called CloverCity and has more than 440 hours of construction to its credit. In return, it also offers everything you would expect from a city: wide cobbled streets with signage, lighting, large intersections, and many apartment buildings lined up along the street. The following video from WazVin gives you a good impression of the amount of work involved in the island project.

Highnoon in the wild west town of Billersby

Are the Wild West movies and Karl May your thing? Then transform your island into a western town like that of the “Chuff” player. It goes by the name of ‘Billersby’ and offers everything from railroad tracks, a prison (with inmates), gold mining towns to signs with bounty posters and western music, everything to beat. faster the heart of a wild romantic romantic. Only Indians and horses are missing.

Got to Catch Them All: Your Own Island as Johto Region in Gold and Silver Pokémon

Not only did Mario get a picture of his game world in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Pokémon friends also found themselves on an island that was quickly converted into familiar realms. For example, from the YouTuber “” ノ ッ チ “, who recreated his island from Pokémon Gold and Silver coins within the meaning of the Johto region. In the following video, he walks you through his island in the matching Feurigel outfit, for which he used many individual models to recreate the familiar pixel graphics. There are also appropriately placed buildings, skillful use of the terrain, and various objects such as pictures. You can see at first glance that a lot of time, but also a lot of love for detail, has gone into the project.

For friends of Asian architecture: old and new Japan

The unique architecture of Japan is one of the reasons that many tourists visit the country. It is therefore not particularly surprising that several actors had the idea of ​​transforming their island in Japan in the recent past. Twitter user “MfsbT6210”, for example, focused on the Shōwa period (1926 to 1989), which was heavily influenced by post-war industrialization. Other players had similar ideas, as you can see in the examples below.

Zelda’s Hyruyle: A Link to the Past as a Separate Island

After Mario and Pokémon get their island, only one important model is missing: Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda. Of course, there are also some ingenious players who go out of their way to create a picture of the legendary game world with the existing models and tools. For example, Carlos aka “Vayn” from sunny Florida, who spent four days building the map of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Creation isn’t a 100% replica – after all, Animal Crossing sets limits – but a look at the map below shows it’s pretty close to the original. You can find Kakariko Village to the west and Death Mountain to the north – although it’s much smaller due to New Horizons limits.

After 4 grueling days of terraforming, I modeled my island after Hyrule from Link to the Past! More photos in the comments of r / AnimalCrossing

Vayn’s work was very well received by Reddit and so it happened that a little later, GameXplain colleagues visited him on his island and took a little tour.

The island as a natural paradise

The German philosopher Andreas Tenzer (* 1954) once wrote: “The most creative artist is nature”. “Honeycrossing” probably took a similar approach on its island when it turned it into a natural paradise. In addition to the design of stone paths, many flowers and trees are used, which – as in nature – were not planted according to plan.

Bonus: your own island on a toilet roll

It is not an island that you can visit in the game, but the skill and inventiveness of some players amazes you time and time again. The same goes for YouTuber “ClayClaim”, who, using polymer clay (a plasticine), recreated his island from Animal Crossing: New Horizons on a miniature toilet roll. The video shows the attention to detail he put into his project, from the airport and individual trees to rocks and individual flowers. And the end result is really fantastic. And in case you are wondering “why a roll of toilet paper?” »: Thanks to the shape of the roller, the viewing angle can be rotated just like in the game.

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