Animated WhatsApp stickers are now available, so you can download them in beta

One of the latest news from WhatsApp has just appeared: all beta users can not only see the animated stickers of the application, but also they have at their disposal the first pack of stickers from the catalog. ‘Playful Piyomaru’ presents this type of content on the go.

After months of rumors, after the introduction in the application at the development level and after the reproduction started to appear for some users, WhatsApp has just activated those who have the beta of download and delivery of animated stickers. You just need to have the latest version tested, go to the sticker shop and download the first moving pack, that of the Piyomaru bird.

Download the first animated WhatsApp stickers

The novelty has reached the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and there is nothing to do to get it: just by updating to the latest version, you can access the download of the first animated stickers. These stickers feature Piyomaru, a pretty yellow Japanese bird developed by Quan inc. for different social messaging platforms, including Facebook. This is why it makes sense that now it lands on WhatsApp, it is not in vain that the application offers other packs of Facebook stickers.

Piyomaru’s animated stickers can be downloaded from the WhatsApp sticker library. For that:

  • Go to any chat and click on the Emojis icon, the one that appears to the left of the text box.
  • Choose the stickers option, the square with the folded corner at the bottom right.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon that appears in the row of stickers used: you will go to the WhatsApp ‘shop’ (all stickers are free).
  • Download the ‘Playful Piyomaru’ pack. Do not move through the list, but they are animated: note that they weigh almost 3 MB (normal stickers do not generally exceed 500 KB).

Animated stickers Whatsapp Pack Here’s how the full pack is added if you receive an animated sticker

Once you’ve added the Piyomaru stickers, you can send them to any contact via chats. This, yes, you will only see the animation if you also have one of the last beta. In addition, and each time they send you other stickers apart from those of Piyomaru, you can add them to your collection by clicking on the sticker, by clicking on ‘See more’ and, finally, on ‘Download ‘.

WhatsApp activated the first animated stickers; and it will be released more as the trading system gets stronger, also can be downloaded from Google Play. While it reaches the stable version, you can download the beta version from the Android store or install the APK of Apk Mirror.

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