Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game, but it’s also particularly slow. That’s part of its charm after all, because it’s designed for us to take things slow. However, as Nick Ha and his company demonstrated with this video from a few months ago, they could be incorporated. tons of improvements that would make the experience less tedious. Today they came back with another.

His new video reinvents in an incredibly convincing way some of the improvements the Animal Crossing community has long been calling for, and which they did not cover in the previous one. All of this, once again, billed as a fake Nintendo Direct.

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There are too many to list them here one by one, but I’ll try to cover some of the most important. For starters, they imagined what Dodo Airlines’ airfield would look like if it was redesigned to be much more agile. We could buy tickets to travel to the deserted islands at the same counter, or even travel from one island to another without having to return to ours if we have tickets to spare.

In fact, we would be allowed to buy multiple tickets at the same time at the cash desk in the neighborhood management office, instead of having to do it one by one. Likewise, every time someone has visited our island, the game would only stop for a few seconds to save the game, but it would allow us to move around freely while our friends arrive on the plane, without drastically interrupting the game.

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As long as we have company, we would have the flexibility to terraform and decorate at will. And if someone messes him up, we could send him back to his island immediately with a simple command. As if that weren’t enough, the ability to set up our own tents so that friends who come to visit buy the items we are selling.

And the list goes on: being able to draw designs with the touchscreen, notices that would alert us when our tools were going to break, icons that would tell us if we already have the items sold in the MiniNook and Handy Sisters stores, etc. . Even Canela would add more variety to her news repertoire, informing us, for example, of the weather on the island.

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It is true that these are not decisive improvements that bring new content, like the last official updates we received (which now allow us to swim, collect works of art, etc. ). However, I can’t help but fantasize about everything in the video, thinking that I would like to be in the game. It would be much more enjoyable to play, and some activities would stop being so lazy. Will Nintendo listen to these suggestions?

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Source : Gadgetsnow