Antec KÜHLER Series: New series of high performance heatsinks.

Antec, the recognized world leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the computer gaming, upgrade and hobbyist markets, today introduced its new line of CPU coolers: the KÜHLER series. Three models, the KÜHLER Box, KÜHLER Shelf and KÜHLER Flow, make up the series and provide users with a variety of options when selecting an optimal CPU cooling solution.

The KÜHLER CPU cooler is symmetrical and 90°, 180° and 270° rotatable to coordinate with indoor airflow and offers an excellent solution for cooling high power towers. Equipped with an ultra-quiet 120mm Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan sandwiched between two large aluminum heatsinks, the KÜHLER Box can deliver 68.2 CFM airflow or run quietly at 11.35 dBA, while offering maximum heat removal and airflow. To offer unparalleled heat dissipation, the KÜHLER Box incorporates eight heat dissipation ducts, accommodating up to 12.2 cm (7-inch) cases, providing a versatile and powerful cooling solution for high-end overclocking and gaming applications. performance.

KÜHLER Shelf features a specially designed 120mm PWM fan that directs airflow down an aluminum heatsink, positioned parallel to the plane of the motherboard, providing 10-20mm more headroom than competitive heatsinks. As the fan is positioned on top of the heatsink, the KÜHLER Shelf also provides airflow to nearby CPU components, improving overall heat dissipation and component reliability, making it ideal for CPU builds. multi-cores, which often have problems related to the high temperatures reached by motherboards. This cooler also includes seven narrow base heatsinks that easily fit into the tightest spaces with chipsets and tall copper CPU heatsinks – great for replacing and upgrading component-heavy motherboards by optimizing cooling. heat evacuation.

Antec KÜHLER Series: New series of high performance heatsinks

The KÜHLER Flow refrigerator completes this series. A cooler that incorporates a vertical heatsink that can be repositioned to complement the performance of the unit’s intake and exhaust fans. This cooler consists of a 120mm PWM fan that provides normal cooling functions and also creates dynamic airflow that cools the entire case, without creating the turbulence or backdraft typical of other CPU coolers. With a width of 122mm and a height of 157mm, it easily fits into normal boxes without the need for new holes or cutting. In addition, the cooler incorporates seven heat sinks that optimize heat dissipation and includes rubber washers that reduce vibrations.

All three KÜHLER coolers can be easily installed in market-leading processor sockets, including LGA 1366, 1156, 775 and AMD® AM3, AM2+ sockets, and are compatible with Intel® Core™ i7, Core™ i5 and AMD® Phenom processors. ™II. In addition, they all include an easy installation kit that includes a small key for quick and simple assembly. The KÜHLER series of high-performance CPU coolers is a pioneer in including this kit as a component.

Antec KÜHLER Series: New series of high performance heatsinks