Antec powers the Performance One and Gaming Case series.

In its 25th anniversary, Antec has introduced the latest generation of the popular P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two and Twelve Hundred models, expanding the lineup of the Performance One Series and Gaming Case, respectively, adding new options that improve comfort and performance. performance for PC enthusiasts, gamers and power users.

Antec has taken key aspects of the previous P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two, and Twelve Hundred cases and enhanced them to accommodate the latest component standards with the new P183 V3, P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3, and Twelve models. Hundred V3.

Each model features three key upgrades:

Antec powers the Performance One and Gaming Case series

– Front panel USB 3.0 for faster data transmission
– An internal 2.5” SSD bay (two bays in Performance One cases and one bay in Gaming Case Series) for an unmatched combination of performance and convenience
– A CPU cutout for easy heat sink replacement

“We are delighted with the launch of these new Performance One and Gaming Case series models as they offer users enhanced features to maintain their leading performance,” said Scott Richards, Antec Senior Vice President. “With the new updates, these new models are an example of the customer-focused innovation Antec is known for; users will love the increased flexibility and performance these cases offer.”

Antec powers the Performance One and Gaming Case series

The unique three-layer (aluminum, plastic, aluminum) front and side panel design of P183 V3 and the dual-layer design of P193 V3 are retained to reduce noise and ensure quiet operation, Quiet Computing, and excellent capabilities of refrigeration. The P183 V3 model also includes a double-hinged front door that opens to a 270-degree angle, external fan controls on the rear panel, and rubber grommet ports on the rear to allow assemblers easy hardware mounting. water cooling, and cable management behind the motherboard tray to improve cable organization.

Additional attributes of the P193 V3 model include space for up to seven variable speed fans and features that enhance compatibility with features such as its unique power supply mounting option for standard size power supplies as well as power supplies. Antec-exclusive CPX form factor power supplies.

Antec powers the Performance One and Gaming Case series

The Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 models build on their predecessors and offer the gaming community an unrivaled combination of cooling and compatibility, delivering performance and comfort in mid-tower and full-tower gaming cases. The efficient cooling systems of the Nine Hundred V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 models use one Big Boy 200 blue LED top cooling fan, two 120mm blue LED rear fans and three 120mm blue LED front fans to maximize cooling performance. air flow.

Additional features of the Nine Hundred Two V3 model include built-in washable air filters (on the front panel), space for up to 10 drive bays, and eight expansion slots for even greater versatility.

Antec powers the Performance One and Gaming Case series

The Twelve Hundred V3 model boasts 13 drive bays, slots for 17.5” graphics cards, and a perforated front panel with washable air filters. In addition to standard size power supplies, the Twelve Hundred V3 can also accommodate power supplies in Antec’s CPX form factor.

The P183 V3, P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3, and Twelve Hundred V3 models are available now for approximately $179.95, $209.95, $159.95, and $209.95 respectively, through retail, e-commerce and dealers, and are backed by Antec’s 3-Year Limited Quality Warranty (AQ3) for parts and labor.