Anthem 2.0 – BioWare completely rebuilds the entire game.

BioWare is said to not give up, both of its studios are working to recreate Anthem from the ground up.

There has been silence around the Anthem for a while, which is only occasionally broken by news of a leader leaving. With the project leaders slowing down pretty slowly, we might rightly think that EA and BioWare have booked the rather poorly successful game on the loss list and are returning to their hugely popular titles like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Although they are also working on the next part of these two series, according to inside information, a huge team has been set up to make Anthem more enjoyable.

Kotaku also learned from three sources working within the ranks of BioWare that BioWare’s studios in Edmonton and Texas are also working to completely break down the game’s mechanics and rebuild them in a new way. The project is no small business, it is only referred to in internal circles as Anthem 2.0 or Antem Next, and they want to realize the extent of rethinking that happened in the case of No Man’s Sky or Destiny.

Anthem 2.0 – BioWare completely rebuilds the entire game

“We spent a few months stripping Anthem and looking at what needs to be changed in the basics of the game. And in the few months since then, we’ve been working to rebuild it.”

said one source. His words are backed up by Chad Robertson’s blog post, which he has since left the company, in which he writes that systems in the game require rethinking and reworking, which they work with great effort.

Anthem 2.0 – BioWare completely rebuilds the entire game

Another source spoke of a specific change that leaves the element of having to go back to Fort Tarsis after each mission, but also fundamentally rethinking what a mission means in the game. Tests are still running on Anthem Next so many specifics have not been reported yet.

The ventilated information has not been confirmed by an official representative of either EA or BioWare, but we hope it is credible and Anthem will also be able to follow a life path like No Man’s Sky, as it has potential. We saw the game this way when it came out, we can only hope to save it.

Anthem 2.0 – BioWare completely rebuilds the entire game
  • Developer: BioWare
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, Role Playing
  • Appearance: 02/22/2019

Known for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, BioWare has once again created a new world in the image of Anthem, after all, it is a sci-fi themed action role-playing game in which you can crawl, fight and complete missions alone or with friends in a huge, free-to-reach, post-apocalyptic environment. together, wearing exterior clothes that can be developed.

Anthem 2.0 – BioWare completely rebuilds the entire game