They are just on the plane to LA, my colleagues and buddies Wouter, Florian, Dennis, Lucas, Eelko (magazine), Matthijs (video), Jacco (IG) and Martijn (the boss). Unfortunately I could not come this year, and that is a huge downer. I have a whole brain lobe filled with fat memories from E3, and those are memories that will not be replenished this year for the first time since June 2012.

This is Wouter’s instastory. Follow our guests on the insta of Power Unlimited anyway.

And that while this year is promising, as always, a lot is already leaking, but hopefully we will also be surprised a few times. I think Epic Games anyway Fortnite to Switch and also a Fallout Shelter will be pulling (‘oh yes, Fortnite for Android is available from now on!’, but I’m also really looking forward to the press conferences.

When I make a list of things I’m looking forward to, it simply doesn’t stop. For example, Sony is actually coming standard with cool new titles and I am confident that they will also come with very cool on Tuesday, in addition to The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima. Microsoft must now finally make it happen and hopefully they will do the same with a new one Halo, a new Perfect Dark(?) and Fable(?), but perhaps most of all I’m looking forward to the new one Ori. We are also going to see more of it Anthem (yay!), BattlefieldV. (and luckily, because that trailer was really about nothing in my opinion), Blackout, the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, which I am secretly very curious about, the new Rocksteady game and Cyberpunk 2077 will undoubtedly also cause a lot of dust. Ubisoft also comes with cool things (Beyond Good & Evil 2, The Division 2 and I hope for one new Splinter Cell), Nintendo continues to pop and come with Metroid Prime 4 and the new one Pokémon games (including the new Smash Bros., but that doesn’t bother me much), Fallout76 and Rage 2 I am very curious, Hitman2, of which a trailer was launched yesterday, also looks super cool … and then I don’t even know all the surprises we will see next week!

Anyway, I’m going to miss it, cruising through LA with old school hip-hop from KDAY blasting through the speakers, lugging around the show floor all day, checking super cool games while your limbs are frozen to pieces in the air conditioning, a villa full of guests in which the kitchen has become a minefield in no time with dirty dishes and sticky , Florian’s eternal whine about Umami burger and energy drinks that make the glaze jump out of your mouth, the frantic attempts of Wouter to continue with his workouts and of course working on the E3 Journals.

To be still a bit connected with E3, I will be recording a Power talk from the editorial office on Monday. After the weekend, most of it is already known and I will discuss with PeterKoelewijn and Véras Fawaz what we have already been able to see and read. The recordings will start at 11:00 and if the technology doesn’t let me down, you can also watch those recordings live via our Twitch channel, we try to deal with any interesting comments or questions in the chat in the show. After the recordings you can expect it again on our usual channels: SamaGame, Youtube and iTunes. Before that time there is already plenty to enjoy, because tomorrow you can already expect the first E3 Journaal! Yeah! And as for me: see you Monday!