In the past, E3 has brought us closer to the Square Enix booth to try out Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, the next installment in the veteran JRPG franchise. We tested the western version of the game almost a year after its release in Japan, although this edition will include improvements such as a first-person camera, improved interface, English dubbing, or the ability to sprint. walk.

The demo had two separate parts, one taking place in Cobblestone at the start of the game and the other later in the capital city of Gallopolos, once the protagonist has already managed to muster much of the team that has it. will accompany in the adventure. We only had fifteen minutes and in our case we chose to go directly to the second part of the demo.

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We go on horseback and we can head towards the city or go directly to the Celestial Sands area, where a boss was waiting for us. On the map, the people we need to talk to to pursue the main goals are clearly marked, so we’ve chosen to think outside the box. In the city, you could buy items, take side quests, talk to villagers… the only thing that was a little unusual was the horse races.

The city itself was already an indicator of what we would encounter in combat: an old-fashioned turn-based role-playing game, the combat system of which wouldn’t have been moved a few decades ago. There is an option to change the aspect of combat by turning it into “freeform” which allows us to move freely around the closed area where enemies are, but it doesn’t look like it will provide any tactical advantages. compared to the usual arrangement, which is more natural with this system.

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The first battles were not a big challenge, so we went to see the final boss, where the question already required a little more tactics and took advantage of the abilities of the different characters, in particular the two mages (attack / cure). As they warned us, we ran out of time to finish the boss, which could only be done if we spoke to him directly and spent the entire time in the demo.

I tried to use the fifteen minutes to try out a little bit of everything and the truth is that in the end I didn’t manage to dive into anything. The first impression I have is that Dragon Quest XI is a classic JRPG. It makes sense that in the Japanese version of Nintendo 3DS the game could be considered a 16-bit title, as the game has its roots deep in the genre; 3D is more of an ornament than a function that defines the title. The game arrives in the West on September 4.

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