Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game where you have to draw like crazy at the start of each game. First of all of course you pick up a weapon because attack is the best defense. However, the inevitable moment will soon come when your inventory is full.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

The key question then is: what now? In addition to the best weapons and attachments in Apex Legends, you have to be critical to fill the few places in your inventory. Here you can read everything you need to know about the Apex Legends gear, grenades and health items.

Do you want to know more? Start with the 55 Apex Legends tips we have for you. We’ll also show you the Apex Legends folder and tell you all about the characters in Apex Legends. Looking for the best loot? Here you will find the best weapons and accessories in Apex Legends or the best equipment, grenades and health items in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

Apex Legends Gear Tips, Grenades, and Health Items

In Apex Legends, your gear consists of four items: the Body Shield, Helmet, Knockdown Shield, and Backpack. These are then divided into four levels: common (white), rare (blue), epic (purple), and legendary (gold). The higher the level, the stronger and rarer it is. In addition, you should always keep a place in your inventory for consumables to repair and disposables when choosing the attack.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

Before explaining the function of all the elements, there are some general things you should know:

10 things to know about Apex Legends gear, grenades, and health items

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics
  • With the exception of the Phoenix Kit and the Ultimate Boost, more Consumables and Grenades fit in one place.
  • You can select all consumables and grenades through your inventory or a « wheel », but it takes time. Try to outfit the best of each type of item over time. Especially in the endgame, a Phoenix Kit and Frag Grenade are recommended.
  • Keep in mind that using consumables takes a few seconds. You cannot shoot or sprint. So use them in a safe place where you are not an easy target.
  • In the lottery, you automatically enter or keep the highest level of equipment. For example, if you have a rare backpack (blue), you get an epic backpack (purple) but not a common backpack (white).
  • Everyone starts with 100 HP by default. With a Body Shield, you can expand it up to a maximum of 200 HP. Body shields can shatter, but you can still recharge them with consumables like the Shield Battery, Shield Cell, and Phoenix Kit.
  • Helmets do not add HP, but they do reduce gunshot damage to the head. Unlike body shields, helmets can’t shatter and you don’t have to charge them.
  • No matter how disappointed you are, use your shock shield as soon as possible and signal where enemies are. Help your teammates so that you can be resurrected as soon as possible.
  • In the inventory you can see the equipment level of your teammates. Handy when you come across equipment that you don’t need yourself, but that can be used by someone else. Don’t forget to ping the equipment.
  • Legendary gear is very rare and hard to find. Hotspots, supplies, and Apex Packs – or, hopefully, someone’s deathbox – are the only places to find it.
  • Does someone like Lifeline play on your team? Then give her all the ultimate boosters, so she can summon as many healing packs as possible with some extra loot. Lifeline is also the only legend who can heal.

Looking for more advice? Here you can read Apex Legends tips and tricks for beginners and advanced users.

Apex Legends Body Shield

Equipment Level Effect
Body shield Common (white) +50 HP
Body shield Rare (blue) +75 CV
Body shield Epic (violet) +100 HP
Body shield Legendary (gold) +100 HP + shield recharge after finisher

As in many shooting games, armor is also essential in Apex Legends. A Body Shield protects your body from bullets, grenades, and other enemy damage. Before your HP breaks down, this body protection should always be completely broken. The shield bar is the bar directly above the health bar, which you will see at the bottom left of your screen.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

Casque Apex Legends

Equipment Level Effect
Helmet Common (white) -30% bullets on the head
Helmet Rare (blue) -40% bullet damage to the head
Helmet Epic (violet) -50% bullet damage to the head
Helmet Legendary (gold) -50% bullet damage to the head + faster tactical and ultimate reload

Like body shields, helmets mean the difference between life and death. These helmets logically protect you from headshots. Headbutt multiplies the damage by 1.5 or 2 depending on the weapon, but helmets reduce this bonus damage by one of the percentages above.

Apex Legends Knockdown Shield

Equipment Level Effect
Knocking shield Common (white) block 100 damage
Knocking shield Rare (blue) block 250 damage
Knocking shield Epic (violet) blocks 750 damage
Knocking shield Legendary (gold) blocks 750 damage + self-revives when hit

Once hit, you have another perk: the Shock Shield. Activate this curved shield to block damage to a certain extent. The advantage is that you can still communicate by crawling on the ground, closing doors and most importantly distracting enemies. However, your shock shield does not protect you from enemy Finishers.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

Apex Legends Backpack

Equipment Level Effect
Backpack Common (white) +2 inventory slots
Backpack Rare (blue) +4 inventory slots
Backpack Epic (violet) +6 inventory slots
Backpack Legendary (gold) +6 inventory slots + 50% faster healing

The importance of a backpack only comes to the fore when you need to keep ammo, attachments, and other items handy. In Apex Legends you start with eight slots as standard, but with a backpack you can expand it to fourteen slots.

Apex Legends Health Items

Object Level Time Name Effect
Syringe Common (white) 5 seconds 6 after all +25 CV
Kit Med Rare (blue) 8 seconds 3 after all +100 HP
Shield cell Common (white) 3 seconds 6 after all +25 shield
Protect the battery Rare (blue) 5 seconds 3 after all +100 shield
Kit Phoenix Epic (violet) 10 seconds 1 after all +100 HP et +100 Shield
Ultimate accelerator Epic (violet) 7 seconds 1 after all + 20% last

All of the above are scattered around the file in ticket form and are used to reload. With syringes and medical kits you can recharge your health bar, while with shield cells and shield batteries you can recharge your shield bar. With a Phoenix kit, you kill two birds with one stone. With the ultimate throttle you charge – as the name suggests – the ultimate in your legend.

Grenades Apex Legends

Object Level Time Name Effect
Frag Grenade Common (white) 4 seconds 2 after all Explosion damage
Grenade Thermite Common (white) Immediately after impact 2 after all Fire damage
Arc Star Common (white) 3 seconds 2 after all Damage + impulse stun

Grenades may be the items you use the least, but can seriously weaken your opponents. When you throw grenades, you first see the trajectory of the projectile to aim correctly. The Frag Grenade is the classic grenade, while the Thermite Grenade acts like a Molotov ___tail. The Arc Star causes damage and disorientation, but also sticks.

Apex Legends Equipment, Grenades and Health Items – Best Armor and Other Loot Statistics

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