Apex Legends came by surprise over a year ago, and since then it has been postulated as a more than competent alternative to the inexhaustible genre of Battle Royale. The success even surprised its creators, Respawn Entertainment, who will continue to flock to it for even longer.

Now the studio is preparing to open a new headquarters exclusively dedicated to continuing to work on Apex Legends, as Dusty Welch, director of operations for Respawn at GamesIndustry, explains. It will be located in Vancounver, where EA already has a pretty remarkable developer campus.

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The new offices will be headed by Henry Lee, director of operations; Steven Ferreira, team director, and Ghad Grenier, director of Apex Legends. Together they will form a new team that will allow the main California studio to lighten the workload and have more freedom to face other projects.

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What could Respawn be running on now, other than Apex Legends? In a new Titanfall surely not, as we have known for a long time. Last year they showed they had more to offer Thanks to the remarkable Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the door is open to anything. These are Welch’s words in this regard.

We like to start. Vince Zampella likes to get involved in all kinds of projects. His tastes in making games aren’t limited to shooters. Look, you have Star Wars, which is a big passion that Vince and I have. We love to make all kinds of different games and will keep thinking about new ways to grow.

It seems a little strange to announce the opening of a new headquarters in the midst of a global pandemic. According to Welch, They’ve been bringing this team together since last year, so it’s not something you can get out of. For now, they will continue to work from home, which would have made them rethink their typical work dynamics.

As for opening a new studio, I think these are some interesting times. This allows Respawn to rethink its approach to game development. Historically, we’ve always thought “it has to be in the place, that’s the culture we’ve created within these walls,” but today we can’t say the same. And we probably can’t say it again, ever, ever.