App Store + HD Get the neighbors! And get away with it!.

App Store + HD Get the neighbors! And get away with it!

Developer/Publisher: Nevosoft LLC
iPhone + iPad: Free

You’ve always wanted to pamper your neighbors, who are always playing loud music, asking questions about your flat, or being overly rude. But if your education prevents you from realizing your spiteful dreams, nothing prevents us from getting our virtual neighbors. The same feelings were felt by gamers a decade ago, including the unforgettable “How to Get a Neighbor” and its many sequels. Now is the time for iOS users to annoy the nasty neighbors in “Catch the Neighbors!

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

“Trouble with the neighbors!” o “The Cranks” in the English version of the title greets players with a story insert stylized as a press release. The ‘Blah Blah News’ host talks about a new family coming to town. The thing is, the locals aren’t very kind to newcomers to their town, but the new family turns out to be pretty smart too. New neighbors are going to wish they had been more welcoming.

That is the montage that precedes Catch the Neighbors! Also, each new level will be accompanied by another local news bulletin, in which the presenter will maintain and even increase the degree of confrontation. The game currently has a total of 9 levels. The developers promise to add new ones regularly.

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

Each level is a neighbor waiting for a few minutes of pure discomfort. Anyone who has played the aforementioned How to Get Your Neighbor knows what he can expect from the gameplay. But there is no way to skip it.

Thus, in each level, the player is tasked with giving a hostile character as much trouble as possible without getting caught in the act. Not being seen is the main goal, otherwise the character you control (rather quirky looking, by the way) takes a painful beating. Scattered around the place are various spots where the hated neighbor performs various actions, as well as various useful items for the player lying around. Some of them are collected to create traps, while others are simply collected to be collected. All items collected during the game can be viewed from the main menu.

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

After setting another trap, you have to run away to the side or take cover in an inconspicuous place and wait for a while until the hapless neighbor falls into it. Afterwards, you can move on to the next mischief. The types of problems that you can cause your neighbor are very numerous. Unfortunately, each level is only completed when you have found and used all the traps. In Get the Neighbors! there is no other option to complete a level early.

For each successful action against a neighbor, the player earns points, which he can spend on bonuses. There are several types of them, all of which make it easy to get through. You can also buy extra lives. Each level is timed, which affects the score.

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

In general, from one level to another, the meaning of the game does not change, alternating only the setting, the route of the enemies and the set of disgusting things to be executed. The lack of variety is one of the main drawbacks of the game. But the developers can’t deny their sense of humor. During the passage you will not smile once at the problems of another neighbor. But it is unlikely that you will want to pass the game a second time.

Graphically, the game looks decent. The locations are carefully designed, but to “Get the neighbors!” details are missing. This makes it, in part, difficult to find objects and places to use them. For the rest, the animations of the characters are usually enough to show all the events that take place. In addition, after each successful trap against an enemy, a replay of what happened can be viewed from a more convenient angle than the one provided by default.

Each level has its own melody that corresponds to what is happening. Periodically you can hear the characters muttering, and while you can’t make out the words, you can pick up on their general train of thought at the time.

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

In short, I would like to say that “Get the neighbors!” it is a success. Yes, the game will have no interest in replaying it, and the originality of the game from one level to another does not shine through. However, spending a little time in the game and getting a charge of positive emotions is quite possible, especially given the zero price of the game in the App Store at the moment. To those who are nostalgic for How to Catch Your Neighbor, I advise you to at least try to teach the neighbors a lesson in this game as well.

iPhone + iPad: Free

Gameplay: 4, Difficulty: 5, Controls: 4, Graphics: 4, Sound: 5, Price/Quality: 4+, Verdict: 4

App Store + HD Get the neighbors!  And get away with it!

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