Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads.

It is not the fairest comparison that can be made, Android has been on the market for just 2 months, while the iPhone It has been spreading around the world for two years, as for the application store, the dates are closer in appearance, but it would not be fair to compare them based on the great difference in terminals sold on the market.

Without intending to compare the success of both services, it is interesting to comment on the figures obtained so far, and 300 million downloads is something that catches my attention, the case of the AppStore of Manzana it is being a success despite the fact that in recent months there has been a slowdown in downloads.


Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads

For something that was launched in July of this year, it is an impressive number, the secret of this success comes from the hand of the developer community that have put more than 10,000 applications on the market for the platform.

The case of a Google and its Android platform, which put its phone and application service on the market in October, is clearly less spectacular, but it has managed to offer a whopping 462 applications.

Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads

A small quantity with a common denominator, which all are free, I’m sure that when you start paying for them and that business opportunity is generated, the amount will rise like foam.

Many of the developers behind iPhone applications are making ports of them to the Android platform, with time the numbers will be equal.

Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads

What is clear is that in the short term I see impossible that Android Market reach the numbers of Apple’s service, when it launched the store it already had 500 applications available, reaching the number of 10,000 applications in five months.

The most important thing is that the base of installed terminals grows, and in this Apple it seems that it has no rival, taking into account that in this type of services the ipod touch also has.

Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads

Actually, as I mentioned at the beginning of the publication, the number of downloads does not grow in proportion to the devices sold, but if it maintains excellent numbers, there were 60 million downloads the first month, 100 million in the first 60 days, 200 million in 100 days, until reaching the figure of 300 million in 150 days.

As more Android phones appear on the market, and developers see business in making applications for the platform, the service will grow in quantity (hopefully it will be accompanied by quality), so next year will be an important year and it will surely We will be able to make a fairer comparison between the services.

I would not like to end without mentioning the third contender, Windows Mobile, which despite not having a unified application distribution system, (although they work on it with a service they call SkyMarket), has more than 18,000 applications available, I know that it is only a figure, but it is a quantity important to the Microsoft operating system.

Apple App Store: 10,000 apps, 300 million downloads