According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple would have changed its strategy regarding the mobile gaming service Apple Arcade, canceling contracts for some titles in development and shifting their attention to games that would secure the attention of subscribers.

Based on anonymous testimony, one of the creative producers of Apple Arcade would contact the developers of some Apple Arcade games in production, informing them that their projects did not have the level of “interest” sought by Apple, thus putting end of the working relationship.

Unfortunately, studies that have lost their contract with Apple have run into problematic financial situations, certainly not helped by the current coronavirus pandemic. At the very least, Apple has honored its part of the deal, paying developers based on results achieved so far, leaving the door open in case they decide to create new titles in line with new demands.

During the various developer calls, the Apple Arcade representative cited one game in particular as an example of what they are looking for: Grinding wheel, an action-puzzle game with an infinite number of levels, something which can hardly be “completed” and which guarantees many hours of fun.

The question is of course: why is Apple looking for more “interesting” games for subscribers? Well, according to the latest rumors, it seems that Apple Arcade is not doing very well: the service has been praised by critics and gamers, thanks to the vast catalog of accessible games and the poor 5 dollars to be able to enjoy it, but it seems that this is not enough to capture the attention of users.

According to some developers, none of the 120 games available in the service represent a timeless hit and, for this reason, few players continue to enjoy the service, opting for the first month free without renewing the subscription. An indicator of this difficulty would also be the second month of free trial, granted by Apple not long ago.

Although without commenting directly on this report, Apple simply stated that the Apple Arcade service can be changed in any way and at any time, based on feedback from its subscribers.

What do you think? Do you think that filling Apple Arcade with “endless” titles with a high level of entertainment is the right strategy to adopt in order to gain more subscribers?

Source: Bloomberg

Source : Reddit