Apple Arcade is already a reality.

One of the novelties of the most recent version of iOS 13, which by the way has a new look and important updates in several of its apps for daily use, is its exclusive section for video game lovers: Apple Arcade.

How is Apple Arcade?

This brand-new update, which all users of the iPhone and iPod touch from the 6s model and the seventh generation respectively, can now have free of charge, is already enabled throughout Latin America and the rest of the world.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

With more than 100 new games, Apple Arcade wants to compete in the video game industry, a market that increases its demand and versatility every day. According to a recent study by Newzoo, Latin America will participate with 3.7% of global revenue in 2019, registering a growth of 11% compared to 2018.

Likewise, it is expected that these generate a total income of US$152,000 million at the end of the year and according to this report, in Colombia profits of US$372 million are estimated, while Brazil and Mexico will produce US$1,600 million and US $1.8 billion respectively.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

This highlights the importance of the Latino market, which is becoming more relevant every day, as has been demonstrated even by other industries, such as betting that have modified their systems to reach through different apps where you can bet online and without risk. from Colombia or Mexico among other countries.

Only in Colombia, at the end of 2018, US$ 183.33 million have been collected, almost 10% more than in 2017, says Coljuegos, the betting regulatory entity. That is the highest figure since 2012, something that shows the evolution of the game.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

How to get Apple Arcade?

For just US$ 4.99 per month, the player can have unlimited access to Apple Arcade and up to six people per family can share this benefit that promises zero ads and no additional cost.

This will also allow its users to access their favorite game from their iPhone or iPad or Mac to Apple TV without losing its continuity, so they can continue advancing between worlds and battles without leaving behind a single detail.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

iOS 13 also included performance improvements, which will allow gamers to interact faster and without pauses in their games. On the other hand, if you set up the new dark mode, you’ll have dimmer ambient lighting and not only avoid those annoying white flashes after hours of gaming, but you’ll also optimize your device’s battery life.

What will be the titles available?

Apple has made an effort to create a large catalog that integrates more than 100 adventures, including some already known and many new challenges; Hand in hand with the most innovative developers, by the way, your unit is open to receiving new video game ideas, is it measured? Here we highlight a few:

sonic forever

Among the most prominent are Sonic Racing, this classic video game developed by Sumo Digital and distributed by Sega, came with this refreshing racing mode that was launched in May 2019 and has 15 characters, each with different qualities such as power, speed or technique.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

Certainly a challenge in which not just the fastest wins, since there are several attack and defense objects that the player must take into account in his strategy to defeat all his opponents and take first place.

Exclusive Lego Brawls

Yes, this is one of the aces up Apple Arcade’s sleeve, because by introducing a multiplayer game set in the LEGO universe, the chances of success skyrocket. Likewise, it continues in its line of encouraging the creativity of the players who will be able to create their own characters and build machines to fight for the victory of their team.

In this challenge you can choose between being a carpenter or a cavewoman and even a cheerleader or a rock guitarist, then you must select your tools and the tutorial will start, after trying the basic controls you will go online with hundreds of players in the world to start this challenge.

Apple Arcade is already a reality

Assemble with Care

Hand in hand with ustwo Games comes the story of María, a young teenager who in 13 chapters must repair the most precious objects of the inhabitants of Bellariva, they will put their problem-solving skills to the test as they must think of the most appropriate way to fix them. .

Trying all the Apple Arcade titles will be a marathon job, so take advantage of the promotional offer that allows you a free trial month and if you like it, you can buy the family pack, among several it’s sure to be more fun.