Apple cancels some Apple Arcade contracts to focus only on the best

Apple Arcade is one of the Apple services that generated the most expectations when it launched, but over time it seems that interest has declined, despite the fact that Almost every week, new titles arrive on the Apple platform, the last of them, Beyond a Steel Sky, is a real wonder.

However, many users expected more powerful games, the triple A as they are known, and at the moment Apple Arcade does not have many of these games, Oceanhorn 2 could be one of the few to fall into this category. But Apple wants to change this strategy with Apple Arcade, as noted Bloomberg the company canceled some contracts to find titles that help keep subscribers better.

A new direction for Apple Arcade

According to the report signed by Mark Gurman and Jason Schreier, Apple canceled earlier this year several development contracts with several game studios and informed them of the new approach of Apple Arcade. The company seems to consider that some developers lacked the level of “commitment” that Apple is looking for. The company is more and more interested in games that attract users and thus keep subscribers beyond the free trial month.

Although Apple has canceled some contracts, the company paid the studios based on the level of development they had reached and promised to work with them again to launch new titles in the new premises. One of the examples of games Apple wants in Apple Arcade is Grindstone, a puzzle game from Capybara Games that has many levels and grows players for several weeks.

Apple Arcade has more than 120 games, the vast majority exclusive to the Apple platform, and it is estimated that the giant of Cupertino has invested tens of millions of dollars on its platform games only for the creation of new titles.

Apple Arcade has redefined what a gaming service can be, making unlimited gaming accessible to subscribers and their families on all of their Apple devices. We are proud to have launched the first subscription service to mobile games which now offers more than 120 games, many of which are award-winning and widely recognized for their art and gameplay. The vision has always been to develop and evolve the Apple Arcade catalog, and we can’t wait for our users to try out the new games the developers are currently working on.

Apple Arcade

Apple hasn’t offered subscriber numbers to Apple Arcade or other services, so we’re not sure how much Apple makes with this service. Apple Arcade has a free trial month then a cost of 4.99 euros per month. There is no advertising in Apple Arcade games and you do not need to pay more to win or progress, which is highly criticized in the current mobile game market. We will see if this new momentum makes us see better games in Apple Arcade that attract players for months.

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