Apple could buy EA. Disney and Amazon also sound.

Recently, reports reported shocking news for video game fans. EA, better known as Electronic Arts is for sale to some unexpected buyer. Among the possible candidates is the Cupertino company. Although it could be very beneficial for Apple to buy, they get a bit complicated.

The rumor is currently spreading strongly, although there are no official statements from Apple or Electronic Arts. Everything seems to indicate that the latter would be looking for a buyer or, if necessary, to merge with another company that prefers it that way. This sale could follow in the footsteps of other hits in the sector previously.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

It should be noted that Activision Blizzard, responsible for the entire Call Of Duty saga, would end up bought by Microsoft for around 68,000 billion dollars at the beginning of 2022; Likewise, Sony took over the Halo game company, Bungie, for about 3,600 billion dollars. Therefore, this interesting sale of EA would enter the same range of billions of dollars.

The EA company has multiple well-known games. Franchises that have evolved according to their players and that are really popular: “The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA, which will be renamed EA Sports FC, and the fun Plants vs. Zombies, among others.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

Relationship between Apple and EA

The relationship between these two large and popular companies may be even more significant than is believed. Since Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins was an Apple employee, Hawkins was Apple Computer’s director of strategy and marketing in 1982 when he left to found Electronic Arts (EA). After this, EA also included former employees of the Cupertino company in its ranks, even inviting Steve Wozniak for a position on its board.

Despite the constant competition between Windows and Mac, Windows did make a clear commitment to video game consoles, as well as a broader catalog of games on its OS. While Apple, it has focused its laptops and desktops more on professional work. This has not prevented games like The Sims from having the necessary support to be able to be played on macOS. Even games like Need for Speed: Carbon and Spore, created by EA, reached Mac OS X users in 2007.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

Apple’s initiative in video games: Apple Arcade

To reiterate, Apple has never been an active supporter of focusing on video games. Although the company has helped developers to integrate some titles to their devices, it has never been even reliant on this aspect. This changed in the fall of 2019, the company introduced Apple Arcade. With this platform you can enjoy more than 150 ad-free games for a low monthly fee. Games that are available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV.

This Apple idea, despite being quite well thought out and considered with the titles it included, was never very successful. For its part, the company has not completely let this initiative die either, including all kinds of games, coming to have remasters of some old phone games: Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are some. Precisely, this fact highlights the great gap that Apple still has with other companies that are already fully established in this section. Since competing with PlayStation, Xbox or companies that bet on video games for their devices like Microsoft, it is far for Apple.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

The Apple Arcade initiative counts as an opportunity for the company to integrate into the world of video games. This platform, first designed for mobile phones, but later designed to also be on Mac and Apple TV, has certain notable shortcomings. It clearly does not have truly varied titles, since it is missing some console-level games that are triple A.

Could Apple Arcade get any better if they bought EA?

At the moment this option to enter the world of video games is somewhat ruled out by designers and developers. There is clearly zero interest from Apple to support Apple Arcade even though it is still supported with iOS and even with the huge performance improvements from Apple Silicon.

So, one can imagine that if Apple decides to apply as a buyer for EA, the focus on video games could turn 180 degrees. There would be the possibility of adapting tremendously large and popular games for all types of Apple devices. Even give much more momentum with new titles to Apple Arcade.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

If Apple decided to have EA in its domain, it would shine all the capacity that Apple Arcade has. Currently, subscriptions for services are quite popular and it is something that the section of video game connoisseurs continue to use. For example, the service provided by Nintendo with the Nintendo Online subscription, works quite well for all kinds of classic digital games and that Apple could take advantage of.

Not only this, it could help the two companies a lot to boost themselves. In the event of the purchase, it could start a new joint development for a title of its own from this merger. Especially by opting a little more to verify the capacity that the AR / VR headset that is so rumored by Apple could entail.

How likely would this purchase be?

Despite the great advantages and services that this purchase would bring to Apple, the acquisition seems unlikely. Even with Apple Arcade, the company has always preferred to work with developers and then have the games on the platforms, rather than create their own.

Apple could buy EA.  Disney and Amazon also sound

On the other hand, problems arise when acquiring such a large company and maintaining the level of demand could mean a very big effort for those from Cupertino. The creators of the iPhone are under a magnifying glass, accused several times for antitrust problems, this purchase can reopen these wounds.

In conclusion, perhaps the advantages and benefits for Apple for a purchase as important as EA could be greater. It may also be time to open a new market, because now with the shortage of components, Apple has seen limited sales of its devices. Rumors have always appeared about Apple and video games, we will see if the company with the bitten apple decides to make the leap or wait for another opportunity.