Last week increasing the RAM of the new 13 “MacBook Pro from 8 GB to 16 GB meant paying 125 euros more. From this week it means paying a total of 250 euros. Apple has doubled the price of RAM in the entry model and now the update costs the same as in the rest of the brand’s laptops, although it is a less powerful RAM.

As MacRumors realized, in the two 13 “Macbook Pro with 8th generation Intel processor the price of RAM has changed. Both models come with an 8GB input RAM and when the laptop was introduced last April 4, May increase the RAM to 16 GB meant an increase in the price of 125 euros. Now however that price increase is 250 euros, the double.

Previously there have been changes in the prices of the components. Changes generally downward, in 2019 the price of SSDs in Macs was reduced. In statements to The Verge from Apple they indicate that this change it is due to an error in the initial price and they go up from 125 euros to 250 euros to maintain price consistency with the rest of the Macs.

Same price as the rest of MacBook, different RAM

One aspect to take into account is the type of RAM mounted on these entry MacBook Pros compared to the rest of the MacBook in the current catalog. 16 “MacBook Pros come with DDR4 RAM and MacBook Airs or some 13” MacBook Pros come with LPDDR4X RAM. The entry model of the 13 “MacBook Pro however comes with an older RAM model, the LPDDR3.

Apple doubles the price of RAM in the entry-level 13 “MacBook Pro, introduced less than a month ago

The reason here is simple, have 8th generation Intel processors that do not support the latest RAM models. Until now it gave the impression that because they are older RAM models and already amortized by the manufacturers, Apple offered the increase at a lower price. But with the change in recent days, the price of LPDDR3 RAM is equal to that of DDR4 and LPDDR4X RAM in the Apple catalog.

All other models and component upgrades on the 13 “MacBook Pro remain absolutely the same and without any apparent changes. Therefore, only those users who were looking to purchase a 13 “entry-level MacBook Pro are affected with 8th generation Intel processor. Specifically those who were looking to expand the RAM to 16 GB.

Apple doubles the price of RAM in the entry-level 13 “MacBook Pro, introduced less than a month ago