We knew that the decision Epic games By including a direct payment system in Fortnite on iOS and Android it would bring a queue and the response has not been long in coming. Apple has removed the Fortnite app from the App Store for breaching the conditions of the store.

Apple responds to the inclusion of direct payments in Fortnite

With the change, purchases made through the App Store and Google Play offered two ways for payment, one through the stores that left the price of 1,000 V-Bucks in 9.99 euros, and another through the Epic platform that left that same purchase to 7.99 euros.

A move intended to try to circumvent the 30% commission that Apple and Google collect in the transactions of their store and that, as expected, has provoked the response of the apple company. This is the statement they have issued to The Verge:

“Today Epic Games has taken the unfortunate step of violating the conditions of the App Store that apply equally to each developer and are intended to maintain the security of the store for our users. As a result their Fortnite application has been removed from the store. Epic enabled an option in their app that was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intention of violating the App Store’s terms of in-app payments that apply to all developers who sell goods or digital services. Epic has had applications in the App Store for a decade and has benefited from the App Store ecosystem, including tools, testing and distribution that Apple offers to all developers. Epic agreed to the terms and conditions of the App Store with freedom and we are glad that you have built such a successful business on the App Store. The fact that your business interests now lead you to Resting for a special agreement does not change the fact that those conditions put all developers on the same level and make the store a safe place for all users. We will do our best to work with Epic to fix this breach so they can bring Fortnite back to the App Store. ”

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite, the video with which they parody the Apple ad

After Apple’s move was made known, Epic games has announced the retransmission of a short in Party Royale that parodies the legendary Apple advertisement, 1984. The video recovers the idea of the fight between Apple and IBM adapting it with characters from Fortnite and closes it with a phrase that reads:

“Join the fight to prevent 2020 from becoming 1984.”

Along with the video, the account of Fortnite has published the following tweet, in which they offer a download link to the legal document with which they intend to transfer this situation to the courts. In it he accuses Manzana monopoly in the checkout process and unreasonable measures in your store policies.

Epic Games has filed legal papers in response to Apple, read more here: https://t.co/c4sgvxQUvb

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 13, 2020

The hashtag #FreeFortnite It has not taken long to become a trend around the world. It is unknown what new steps both companies will follow or if Google will follow the same strategy of Manzana. We will be attentive to future movements.