Today CES begins, the famous technology fair that is normally held in Las Vegas and this year will have a virtual format. As in other years Apple has launched an advertising campaign focused on the iPhone, one that, like last year, also focuses on the privacy of this device.

There is more to iPhone

Under the name There is more to iPhone, this advertising campaign consists of a couple of videos of 15 seconds each. In the first, the one that heads these lines, Apple tells us that Face ID data is stored in such a way that the information never reaches Apple. The second, which we see below, focuses on Apple Pay and explains that the system is created in such a way that Apple never knows what we buy.

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Finally Apple has published a third ad, also 15 seconds long, in reference to another of its great interests: the environment. In this short the company explains that recycles aluminum from iPhones to make Apple Watch cases.

It’s clear that privacy has been one of Apple’s strengths for many years, as Craig Federighi has said long before there was so much interest in it. With these small campaigns Apple manages to make known what is one of its fundamental values.