Apple is very obsessed with augmented reality. Since Pokémon GO’s great success in the App Store, generating millions and millions of revenue, the company has focused all of its efforts on improving the technology and software related to augmented reality. In fact, they created a platform for developers called ARKit so that they can build augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand, we’ve spent years seeing all kinds of rumors going around the network regarding the development of Apple’s augmented reality glasses. Glasses that could hit the market from 2021.

And not only that, but Apple continues to look for new ways to improve augmented reality on their mobile devices. A few days ago, the Cupertino company filed a patent with the idea that the Apple Ring could be used with augmented reality glasses. Recently, the company with the bitten apple logo filed another patent related to augmented reality, read on to find out more.

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New Apple Patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has officially released a series of 64 new patents for Apple. In this article, we will highlight one of them, which is related to augmented reality. The patent describes an accessory for Apple Pencil that would allow detect the movement of a user in three-dimensional space as an augmented reality or virtual reality environment when using a device such as augmented reality glasses.

According to the patent, the Apple Pencil could be used in a real environment to influence a mixed reality system. A device using a visual screen or other output could apply stylus inputs to a mixed reality system.

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“The inputs can be applied to an augmented reality system, a virtual reality system or a virtual environment.”

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As an example, Apple suggests using the stylus or Apple Pencil to add marks or annotations in a real environment and / or in a virtual environment.

Apple Pencil components can be configured to receive data directly from the user to indicate when positional measurements are taken. For example, via a button.

This button could be a device capable of receiving inputs. Would include switch, button, lever, force sensor and other input device. Additionally, additional buttons can be included to receive user feedback. The user can press the button to start a user session, end a user session, or control Apple Pencil to perform other types of tasks.

In this way, the Apple Pencil could make “drawings” in the air, in a “three-dimensional space”. The illustrations would be created in any free space by the movement of the stylus by the user. The patent also describes that during a drawing session, various aspects of the sensor’s motion detection could be calibrated.

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Apple Pencil reportedly fully syncs with augmented reality glasses

As the user moves the stylus, it provides outputs indicating their locations in virtual space during the drawing session. The locations in physical space would correspond to a physical location of the Apple Pencil during this drawing session.

Throughout the course of Apple Pencil movements, a series of marks would be generated defined by the locations we talked about in the previous paragraph. When a user provides a hint, by pressing or releasing the Apple Pencil button, the marks are no longer generated and the user can continue to move the stylus through the air without generating additional marks.

As Apple points out in its patent, the stylus would communicate with a device that has a visual display so that the user can see how their inputs are being developed in real time.

Source: Techradar