Apple released a new 27-inch iMac by surprise yesterday, but it’s not the new redesigned frameless iMac we’ve all been waiting for, it’s an internal update that retains the same external design of recent years. This new iMac is coming with new 10th generation Intel processors, the T2 processor, a new camera capable of recording in 1080p and many other improvements.

In addition to updating the 27-inch iMac, Apple has made the definitive leap to SSDs, which will form the basis of any new iMac, including the 21.5-inch model. For its part, the iMac Pro has also been slightly updated with new processors. This is likely the last major update to the iMac with Intel, the next redesigned model will already use the company’s Apple Silicon processors.

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What’s new in the new 27-inch iMac

It’s a more than correct update, new processors and updated several very interesting internal specifications if you waited to buy this model.

New processors and more RAM memory

Internally, this is one of the biggest changes to the new 27-inch iMac. Now they have the last one in 10th Gen six- and eight-core Intel processors and, for the first time, a ten-core processor option. Additionally, Apple has doubled the total amount of RAM the device can support, reaching up to 128GB. This model of iMac is still the only one whose RAM you can expand after purchasing it.

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New AMD graphics

The 27-inch iMac is equipped with next-gen AMD graphics to work on GPU-based rendering and multi-4K video editing, of course to enjoy even the most demanding games. Incorporates Radeon Pro 5000 Series, with the latest RDNA architecture from AMD. In addition, the new iMac has for the first time a graphics option with 16 GB of memory.

SSD storage and T2 chip

SSD storage is already the staple option in every iMac, Apple is finally forgetting about Fusion Drive mechanical hard drives, although they are still an option. New The 27-inch iMac can be configured with up to 8TB SSD. In addition, it also includes the Apple T2 Security Chip which was already available on the other computers. This chip encrypts data on the fly for everything stored on the SSD, so files and information are safe. It also checks that the software loaded during the startup process has not been tampered with, providing the most secure start-up for the business.

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Retina 5K display now with True Tone option and nanotextured glass

If anything sets the 27-inch iMac apart, it’s for its spectacular 5K display, with 14.7 million pixels, one billion colors, 500 nits of brightness and a wide color gamut (P3). This incredible display enhances the new 27-inch iMac with the technologie True Tone already available on iPad, iPhone and MacBook. True Tone automatically adjusts the screen color temperature according to the ambient light. On top of that, the new iMac offers an option with nanotextured glass, like Pro Display XDR, which improves display in different conditions.


New camera, hi-fi speakers and studio-quality microphones

Apple also updated some internal components that needed improvement. The FaceTime HD camera now offers 1080p resolution and improve yourself with tone mapping, exposure control and face detection with Apple’s T2 Security chip. We also have new speakers that allow variable equalization, more balanced sound, higher fidelity and deeper bass. And finally, new studio-quality microphones, already built into the MacBook Pro.

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This is an update to the iMac lineup that’s about to take a big leap, we’ll see if it comes later this year or Apple is saving the redesign with Apple Silicon for next year. There is no doubt that this is the latest iMac with Intel processors, and this can be a device that many buy precisely for this.

Source : Techradar