Danny Costera great industrial designer, member of the company Manzana with approximately 20 years of seniority, he has decided to leave the company to join the company GoProunder the position of vice president of design.

Coster have worked for the company Manzana almost as long as the chief designer Jony Ive who joined the company in 1993 and has been part of the projects of the highest level or profile in the recent history of Manzana.

These two gentlemen collaborated closely in the design of the Bondi Blue iMacthe wonderful product that was put on sale in the second era of Steve Jobs.

Apple believes that it loses an important piece but will gain another

As a member of the design team Manzanathe name of Coster has been noted in patents dating back to 1999 ranging from the smart keyboard cover design of the Iphone 4as well as software interfaces.

Coster has decided to leave Manzana and taking an executive role at the GoPro company, which makes action cameras, they are high-definition personal cameras. The news of the departure of this fabulous designer of the company Manzana was reported by Information.

According to the news, GoPro announced the hiring of Coster to all the employees of the company through an email, where he explained that the great designer would start with the position of vice president of design.

coster, had previously hinted at his departure from Manzana for GoPro in an interview conducted by a high school student from his native country New Zealandlast month where he expressed his desire to spend more time with his family and friends and to explore this new opportunity in GoPro. He further indicated that the pressure of working in Manzana it can be overwhelming.

For GoPro and its fans, this news is really positive for everything that involves the design of future products and being able to count on a Jony Ive in power.

However, the output of single employee It is not a cause for alarm, it could be considered a minor case, but it is a point worth mentioning because Manzana he was proud to own such a designer. Undoubtedly, from now on the company Manzana you should consider this for the future of your next creations.

For their part, there are those who think that gopros will have an elegant future working hand in hand with CosterWell, it’s time for you to update your somewhat outdated designs, as long as they don’t come at the cost of the designs of Manzana.

The departure of a member of any work team always creates and leaves a kind of vacuum both in the people who shared with him and in what refers to the work and much more when there are so many years of performance in the organization holding positions which are key points for the development of its processes. Having a solid and committed work team makes the organization an environment for both personal and professional development and growth.

On this occasion the company Manzana misses one of its best pieces and GoPro obtains it, however, it is not necessary to detract from the rest of the personnel who are part of the organization and who make it stay on its feet.

Welcome and the opportunity to another person who is willing to take on this challenge and above all who comes with good and fresh ideas to deal with the vacant position will always be a point in favor in this type of situation. Not everything is bad, sometimes when you misses you also win.