Apple just officially launched Apple One in several countries around the world, including Spain. The new subscription package offered by Apple Music, Apple TV +. Apple Arcade and extra storage in iCloud can now be contracted with a free trial month.

Apple One, Apple’s service package.

In Apple One we currently have two options in Spain, an individual rate with all three services and an extra 50 GB in iCloud or 14.95 euros per month, and another family option with which up to 6 users can enjoy Apple services and 200 GB of iCloud storage.

How to activate Apple One

To access Apple One and start saving money in Apple subscriptions you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the App Store and click on your photo.
  • Or go into Settings and your photo.
  • Now click on Subscriptions.
  • At the top you will see a sign with the option “Get Apple One.”
  • Click on it and choose the plan that best suits you.
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apple one on iPhone
Subscribing to Apple One from iPhone

If you don’t see the Apple One poster, it may be because Apple is launching the service right now, so it might take time to appear. You can enter any of your subscriptions, such as Apple Arcade or Apple Music, to see if it appears.

Apple One has a free trial month, but if you have already enjoyed these trial periods you will not be able to enjoy it again.

What’s included in Apple One and how much can I save

Apple One includes in Spain the Apple services that are available in our country:

  • Apple Music with over 70 million songs without ads.
  • Apple TV + with Apple Originals shows and movies.
  • Apple Arcade with more than 100 games without ads.
  • Extra storage in iCloud: 50 GB in the individual plan and 200 GB in the family plan.
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Apple One Pricing
Available Apple One plans in Spain.

The individual subscription to Apple One saves 6 euros. Apple One individual costs 14.95 euros and separate services cost: 9.99 euros Apple Music Individual, 0.99 euros 50GB in iCloud, 4.99 euros Apple Arcade and 4.99 euros Apple TV +, adding a total of 20 , 96 euros.

The family plan savings is 8 euros, 14.99 euros for Apple Music Family, 2.99 euros for 200GB in iCloud, 4.99 euros for Apple Arcade and 4.99 euros for Apple TV +, for a total of 27.96 euros.

Source : Techradar