Apple has published i results financial for the fourth quarter of 2020 a period in which not only has passed for the first time i 100 billion dollars in revenue, but also showed growth across all of its divisions of more than 10%. In total, the its sales increased by 21% on an annual basis, thanks in large part to the increase in iPhone sales after the launch of the family of iPhone 12

Only the revenues obtained thanks to smartphones in this range amount to 65,600 million dollars, 17% more than those recorded in the sale of iPhones in the last quarter of 2019. But there were other devices whose sales grew more than those of iPhones. those for the iPads are increased 41% year over year a $8.44 billion . Plus, the area too Services increased its sales revenue by 24% a 15.76 billion dollars.

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Apple financial results 2020, Macs are also growing

The division dedicated to the Mac period Mac M1 models were launched: +21%, for revenue of 8,680 million dollars. As for those generated by the rest of the products, stands out the growth of wearables , which include AirPods and Apple Watch. This segment has increased its revenues by 29% to $12.97 billion.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, says that “this quarter would not have been possible for Apple without the innovative and tireless work of all Apple team members around the world. We are delighted with the enthusiastic response from customers to the cutting-edge product line we have launched.”

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His own echoes him CFO, Luke Masters , who stressed that the company’s performance in the final quarter of 2020: “was supported by double-digit growth across all product categories, which broke revenue records across all of our geographic segments, as well as another record based on installed active devices. These results helped us generate a record in each deal flow of $38,800 million. Additionally, we returned approximately $30 billion to shareholders during the quarter while maintaining our goal of achieving a neutral net cash position over time.

On the other hand, Apple is experiencing growth in the Mac market in the business sector in the United States, a country where there has been a growth in the use of devices with macOS Of about a third as of 2019. According to consultancy Jamf, “In the US, the average penetration of devices running MacOS is around 23%, up from 17% in 2019. Macs, of course, aren’t all Apple devices that are used in businesses . According to a 2020 IDC survey, iPhones make up 49% of the smartphone base in US businesses, and iPads make up the majority of tablets used by business users.