Apple Podcasts now allow us to embed web players for entire episodes and shows

Apple has introduced new tools for podcasters on its platform. We are talking about the possibility of inserting a web player that allows the direct reproduction of a certain episode or an entire program. A utility that will undoubtedly facilitate both distribution and listening.

One more step in empowering Apple Podcasts

We have known for a long time, or think we know, that Apple is enhancing its Podcasts platform. In the past we have heard rumors of purchases of programs that can then be brought to Apple TV + and also of ideas to bring content from Apple TV + to the platform. Now we have a much more palpable movement, a web player.

Until now, when we wanted to embed an Apple podcast on a website, we had to use third-party web players such as iVox or Spotify or place a link that opened the app on our computers. Now, with the new web player we can insert the content directly and in the simplest way.

To do so, we access from the Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools website. The result will look like the one at the top of this section in the case of inserting a single episode and like the one below if we insert a whole program.

On the website we can customize the height and width of the mini-player, something that, although it seems trivial, not all platforms offer and that will be welcome to fit the player in strategic parts of certain web pages. Of course the player is fully interactive and even allows us to go back 15 seconds or advance 30 in addition to scrolling through the playback. We also see the episode notes as we listen to it.

It is clear that with gestures like this Apple brings its podcast platform closer to the public. In the same way that there is already a web version of Apple TV + and Apple Music, the third pillar of entertainment, podcasts, must also be present.