Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features.

WWDC 2022 has already started. After a musical introduction, Tim Cook, from some unbeatable views of Apple Park, and after telling us how important developers are to Apple, talk about Tech Talks and how well he has done the communication with engineers, the racial equality project and how much the developer community has grown, Apple presents us first with many special effects and a more James Bond-style Craig, iOS 16.

iOS 16, the news that Apple includes

The first thing that catches our eye about iOS 16 is the new iPhone lock screen. Completely redesigned and created to give more dynamism to the iPhone than it already had. Many colors and effects, as well as being able to access various applications directly. For example, we can change the color of the clock and its position. We will have Widgets on the lock screen. We also have to say that the way to edit it is really simple.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

We will be able to choose the type of font and color for that clock that has been with us so much in iOS. Finally, we will be able to place the wallpaper photo so that it does not interfere with the Widgets or the clock. So we can see the image better.

We will have several templates for the lock screen. In the most Apple Watch style, each screen can have its Widgets or just the clock…etc.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

By the way, it changes the way of unlocking. Now the transition is very cool.

Notifications on the lock screen

We will have notifications on the lock screen and we can scroll through them.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

The activities and an incredible novelty are introduced. The activities connected with the necessary Web APIs such as Nike, Soccer, so that it is updated constantly and in real time. But also for email from third-party applications.

The intent is that there is more data for the user to view, without needing to fully unlock the iPhone to view it.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

Focus mode on lock screen

A concentration mode is added to the lock screen in case we don’t want notifications to flood our screen and make us bitter about that wallpaper we’ve chosen. Well thought.

iMessage app

Now we can edit messages that we have already sent. In the most Telegram style. But we can and this is the best, eliminate those that we do not want to be read or that do not make sense to continue in the conversation. Oh, and we will have the option to mark messages as unread after having read them.

share play

New features are added to SharePlay. For example, now the applications to view multimedia content can be shared with other users. But it’s amazing because SharePlay will be running even at the same time as FaceTime for example.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

Dictation and Live Text feature enhancements

Apple developers tell us that the Dictation feature has been greatly improved not only in privacy. It has become much more fluid and dynamic. Faster and we can also select and edit by touching the screen. Both functions are mixed and complement each other so that the Dictation takes on another dimension.

Dictation has made Live Text one of the applications to benefit from its improvements. Now we can extract text from videos we watch. We will only have to stop the video and Apple will do the rest of the magic.

ID verification in applications

ID verification is integrated into each of the applications. So it will be easier to use and above all the applications become more private and security is guaranteed.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

Apple Pay Later

Added the ability to defer Apple Pay payments directly through the iPhone. We assume that it will be a function that for the moment will only be used in the US, because it depends on banking conditions and for the moment it has not arrived in Spain.


Yes. Craig, in the style of an MI6 spy, teaches us how to explore the world in 3D and with many new countries like Luxembourg. The renderings of the locations remind us of the SIMS. It is very well done and now it is very difficult to miss.

We will be able to ask Siri without interrupting the tour in Maps. And also locations for personal mobility vehicles such as scooters are added. But we insist that the countries to which these news arrive are limited. That is why we will have to wait and see if in Spain we are lucky enough to receive these updates.


Craig dresses as Michael Jordan to introduce a new feature on the lock screen that has to do with Apple News and be able to see the results of sports teams in a real and updated way. In Spain Apple News does not work.

Apple presents the new iOS 16 with many new features

iCloud Shared Photos Library

With iOS 16 we will be able to share the library because the power to share it through iCloud is introduced. We can choose what we want to share, nothing more and nothing less. Even from the camera itself we can share that image that we have just taken.

We keep updating the information