The rumors that have been running for some time now come true, at the great Let us loop you in event, held at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, the new 4-inch iPhone model has been revealed, the famous iPhone SE; This device brings many surprises and improvements, which will surely catch the attention of many consumers, this news is really nice for iPhone fans.

The iPhone SE was finally revealed

This new model, smaller and very powerful, brings us an A9 chip and an Apple M9 motion coprocessorthese chips will make your device an incredibly useful tool, although, the design is quite similar to the iPhone 5s, clearly this one is much better, and it brings us a rose gold version, as we could see in the iPhone 6s, which was really popular with users.

Apple reveals the new 4-inch iPhone SE

During the presentation of this new device, Apple highlighted the internal improvements of the iPhone SE, commenting that it will have the same graphics and processing performance as the iPhone 6s. Another of the improvements, which is important to highlight, is a new and spectacular 12 MP cameracapable of using iSight with Retina Flash, has pixel sharpening, true-tone flash, and a new image signal processor.

All these improvements in the camera, can become the strongest point of the device, since, at present, the role played by mobile cameras is great; Additionally, the camera will support 4K videos, with 1080p quality at 60 fps, even in slow motion it will reach 240 fps, and panoramas will have a quality of up to 63PM.

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It is important to mention other new features that the iPhone SE will have, the new device includes faster LTE, it will have support for vox over LTE, it will be able to make calls over Wi-Fi, it will have Bluetooth 4.2, and they managed to improve battery life; And that’s not all, you can activate “Hey Siri” and support for Live Photos.

Some other differences, with respect to other 4-inch models that this device has, are new microphones, quite useful, an NFC chip, which will allow you to use Apple Pay on your device without any problemEach of these improvements have been well thought out and Apple’s strategy to increase sales can be a resounding success.

During the event, Apple managed to explain why it is launching a new 4-inch deviceThey assure that this type of model managed to raise around 30 million dollars, only last year, simply for being a comfortable and less expensive model.

That Apple updates its iPhone device for these dates is really unusual, in addition, it is expected that in the coming months, the company launches the so-called iPhone 7 on the market, of which, nothing is confirmed yet. In this case, the iPhone SE will cost starting at $399.