Before the end of 2019, Apple patented a new wearable accessory, a smart ring that would offer something very similar to the Apple Watch, but these days the company decided to update this ring in a new patent that links it directly to virtual reality glasses they should be arriving very soon.

Apple ring

It wasn’t that long ago that we knew a bit more about one of the latest ideas that Apple was working on. The Apple Ring has shown progress and is focusing on remote control of devices.

With this new ring, the user can manage several of his devices individually, providing functions and controls that will enhance the experience. But now a new patent has been filed that has added some important details which are designed to be compatible with Apple’s virtual reality glasses.

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New patent

May 14, US Patent and Trademark Office approved a new Apple patent which is a continuation of your Ring device.

In this patent highlights a new design that works with a head-mounted display. Yes, it can easily be linked with virtual reality glasses and the ring could be your controller. It is mentioned in the patent claim.

A system configured to interact with a user, the system comprises: a portable electronic device configured for use by the user and having a visual marker and a first sensor that collects information from the user; and a head mounted device comprising a display visible to the user and a second sensor which is configured to detect the visual marker to track the portable electronic device.

This means that the ring an indicator for glassesImagine it’s the mouse on this screen. Additionally, having multiple rings could allow more functions and movements for some applications.

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Apple glasses ring

The rings are more accessible and comfortable than a glove, so the use of several of these devices could be a new way of total control for glasses. For example, when you use the glasses to view an augmented reality image, we can inspect it from any angle we want by turning and moving it directly with our hands.

If the image of Tony Stark (Iron Man) quickly manipulating augmented reality images and files comes to your mind, you’d be right. The rings would allow something very similar to this, full control over what is displayed in these glasses.

Everything indicates that Apple is trying to Take it to the next level his devices dedicated to what he’s been working on in recent years, VR and AR.

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Source: Techradar