If you are one of the fans who misses the version of iTunes, to store the application library or check the charts of best-selling applications, we bring you good news, since according to what Reddit observed, apparently, those of Cupertino still offer a special version of iTunes, which corresponds to version 12.6.3, and which retains the features that were abruptly removed with the iTunes 12.7 version.

Everything indicates that those of the bitten apple, will leave this version for some companies to carry out implementations of internal applications, so the version of iTunes 12.6.3 is available for download.
The iTunes 12.6.3 version is available for both platforms, Mac and PC, and the best thing is that it can be installed even if you have updated to the iTunes 12.7 version. Although technically, it’s not that great news as you may have to manually rebuild the library, but on a positive note, it’s an alternative for those fans who were disappointed to see the ringtone and app features. deleted.

iTunes 12.7

Those of Cupertino released version 12.7, giving it a twist on music, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks, which implied the first step, to “disintegrate” all the different components within the application, causing a bit of confusion and even some inconvenience to users.
The most unfortunate thing is that this radical change was made without prior notice from the Company, even the iTunes website was out of operation for some time, causing inconvenience in the browser, since it launched new browser tabs to open as iTunes and didn’t show the apps to users.

You still have time to rectify the path….

So if you miss the “traditional” version of iTunes, we recommend installing iTunes 12.6.3, and once installed, the application will no longer ask for future versions. However, it is important to consider that this solution is being considered by Apple to satisfy some business needs, with the drawback that it will not be considered for technical support issues, since officially, they will only be providing technical support to the latest “official” version. ” from iTunes.

In SamaGame, we suggest you download the version of iTunes 12.6.3, only if you consider it strictly essential, as well as considering that this version will surely have to work stably for a while, since it is very likely that Apple will show in the coming days, the complete replacement of the browsing experience in the App Store, with the possibility of downloading applications to iOS devices through the Internet.