The various stores that Apple has distributed around the world are, in recent months, experience very different situations. As Today at Apple training sessions are back in China, Apple in the UK has called for lower location rents.

China and the UK, two sides of the coin

Apple Store Stanford By Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Stainless steel

Today, Monday August 3, Apple will be re-establishing Today at Apple sessions in nine of the 42 Apple Stores in China. For now, the course schedule includes a maximum of three sessions per day and in store and sessions requiring headphones or walks are still missing. The photography and creativity sessions, where it is easier to keep your distance, constitute the main part of the scheduled lessons.

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Since the stores reopened on March 12, almost at the same time as the closure of the rest of the sites in the world, the situation in China has gradually changed, allowing, as we can see now, to offer again one of the most popular services. most requested and most useful. from the Apple Store. With this step, Apple completes the almost total resumption of activity in the Apple Store in China, although, of course, the necessary hygiene measures continue to apply.

In the UK, where the situation is clearly different, Apple asked the owners of the premises where the Apple Stores are located to reduce the rent, according to the Sunday Times.

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Although Apple has ample resources, facing the payment of all rents as well as all salaries of all employees Although the stores are closed, it is somewhat difficult to manage. For this reason, the California company requested a 50% reduction or a no rental period. In return, Apple offers to extend rental contracts with landlords for several years..

An agreement that is likely to be formalized given that Apple Stores are the most profitable stores in the world to date, and owners, even more now that they are struggling to keep the premises occupied, are interested and benefiting from the keeping Apple as a tenant.

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We may never know if this proposal has been made official, but in doing so, it looks like both sides will benefit. While, as customers, waiting for Apple to offer Today at Apple sessions in Spain again, we can visit Today at Apple at Home where we will find the most useful video sessions.