We are rapidly approaching important dates for the Apple universe. While waiting for invitations to an event, possibly virtual, for the presentation of the new iPhone 12 We keep an eye out for other products like Apple Watch Series 6, AirTags and more. In this regard, the Japanese website Mac Otakara provides more information.

Press releases and event for the second half of October

Of all the products due to arrive before the end of the year, rumors seem more or less consistent that they will be presented in two stages. At first, through a press release in September, Apple would present a new iPad Air and some other accessories. like, for example, the AirPods Studio or a HomePod mini.

In a second pack, this time with a surely virtual event, we await the arrival of the new iPhone, AirTags and Apple Watch Series 6. About AirTags Mac Otakara reports that, according to sources from manufacturers and suppliers, Apple was planning to launch them at the same time as the iPhone SE although there was a r **** d near the launch. In the meantime, he also specifies that these AirTags will be integrated into the App Clips function of iOS 14. On the iPhone the information we have is clear, since it is the same Apple which, in July, confirmed that the iPhone SE would launch “in a few weeks” later “than usual.

The iPhone 12, the Apple Watch Series 6 and the AirTags at the heart of the September presentations.

As for the Apple Watch, which should arrive with a blood oxygen monitor and improved Wi-Fi speed and performance, its presentation has always been on par with the iPhone, so the date must coincide. With that, Mac Otakara contradicts Jon Prosser’s leak / prediction that he hoped the Apple Watch would also be featured via a press release.

It is important to remember that Mac Otakara bases its timing assumptions on information from Apple suppliers, therefore, it’s hard to tell the difference between launch and announcement. Apple could organize a single event for September, showcase all the products and gradually open the reservation periods to reach the second half of October. An event which, on the other hand, would have a considerable duration, given the number of announcements that we anticipate that the company has prepared.

Apple to introduce new AirTags, iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air and more this fall, according to various rumors

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It is clear that this year is going to be atypical when it comes to Apple’s launch schedule. Proof of this is the standoff between the fugitives and the analysts who, while dealing with similar dates, group the different products together in different ways. What we can be sure of is that before the end of the year we will see some very interesting news, not to mention the Mac with Apple Silicon.

Apple to introduce new AirTags, iPhone 12, Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air and more this fall, according to various rumors