When the week already smells strong of hardware news in the Android smartphone market due to the proximity of the Mobile World Congress, things start with rumors and predictions precisely from Apple, and quite striking. What it seems that we will see this year on a stage in the arms of Tim Cook and his are, among other devices, a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 6K monitor, exceeding own standards and those of some rivals.

Last year we saw some updates to its notebook line within the traditional diagonals, with a new 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air with TouchID. They were not major updates if we talk about major changes in design or hardware, but if confirmed this would be the laptop model with bigger screen since the 17-inch MacBook Pro stopped being refurbished in 2012.

More screen for Apple devices in 2019

The information in this case sounds strong when it arrives from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who by precedents has earned that when his river sounds we think that it carries water and a lot. What his research brings this time is that the main novelty in Apple’s range of laptops will be a computer with a screen between 16 and 16.5 inches, in addition to a 13-inch MacBook Pro with up to 32 GB of RAM (thus equaling the configuration possibilities in question of this memory with the 15-inch ones).

Also, another eye-catching release would be the release of a 31.6-inch Apple Display with a 6K resolution. A screen model aimed at a more demanding and specialized audience, which would integrate something similar to a rear panel with mini-LEDs.

This is in addition to information regarding mobile devices, iPhone and iPads. Of the phones Kuo states that in 2019 the iPhone could charge other devices wirelessly like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, thus counting on batteries with higher capacity and frosted glass. 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inch smartphones (OLED, IPS and OLED), updating the iPhone XR with 4 GB of RAM.

Of the tablets the analyst mentioned that the new generation will bring two new iPad Pro models, a 10.2-inch iPad and eye, an iPad mini. Apparently, those of Cupertino would maintain a design without many changes with respect to the iPad mini 4, updating the internal components and keeping the Lightning port and the charger with 5 watts with USB type A (there are things that never change, apparently).

We will see where all this is. If there are no changes in the agenda with respect to what the manufacturer is used to, we will see new smartphones and computers after the summer, being able to see perhaps the initial shipments of iPads in the first quarters of the year as happened in 2018 with the standard iPad ( the iPad Pro came later too).

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