Different distance learning apps have proven their worth in the days when classrooms were empty. In the field of education Apple Provides Schools, Students, and Teachers two applications to manage and organize various aspects of teaching. Applications that received significant updates today.

Classroom 3.2: AirPlay settings and improvements

L’application Classroom is what is used to manage the teaching process while students are in class. Apple describes how it works in the following terms:

Classroom turns the iPad into an advanced classroom assistant that helps teachers teach lessons, see their students’ progress, and keep them from being distracted. With Classroom, you can easily open the same app on all student iPads at the same time, or open a different one for each group of students. The classroom helps teachers focus on teaching so that students can focus on learning.

The main news from Classroom are the following:

  • Access courses set up through Apple School Manager by signing in to a device with a Managed Apple ID.
  • Ability to use AirPlay to project lesson details to Apple TV by inviting students to participate in a lesson created by a teacher.
  • Adjust the size of student screens with the pinch gesture.

Homework in class 2.0: new design, notifications and more content


The application of Homework in class, in exchange, focuses on work outside of the classroom. Where the teacher can create and assign homework, see student process, collect homework, etc.

Class Homework is an iPad app created to help teachers save time and make the most of each student’s potential. With Classroom Assignments, it’s easy to share materials in class, have students do an activity in an app, collaborate with them, and see their progress.

Teachers can easily create and send a class reminder, student reminder, or homework. They can then get information about students’ progress in assigned tasks, with which they can more easily customize the instructions for each of them.

Students can view their homework, submit homework, or view their own progress from a central location.

In this case, the application has been remarkably updated with a new design and new functions:

  • Easily switch between Tab and Student views with the new tab-based navigation.
  • In the new sidebar, just tap once for instant access to Courses, Recent Tabs, Favorite Tabs, Draft Tabs, and Archived Tabs.
  • Optimized options for adding content like app activities, photos, videos, links and documents when creating tabs.
  • Find out which apps have contributed to student progress and get full activity overviews by adding app activities to tabs.
  • New options for tabs, such as locking tabs, marking as “seen”, requesting reviews, and returning files.
  • Detailed information on the general progress of each student’s class and individual, with activity success rate, time spent, incomplete activities and reassigned activities.
  • Teacher notifications when tokens are due or ready for review.
  • Notifications to students when they are assigned new tokens, if they have any pending tokens for the next day, if a teacher asks them to repeat an activity or show them a weekly summary of overdue tokens.
  • Teacher’s library for organizing drafts, bookmarks, and copies of archived class sheets.
  • The new token file stores the tokens from completed classes, making it easy to profit from past activities.
  • Spotlight search in the app for Classes, Files, and Students.
    We can get lessons and homework in the App Store, both for use with educational institution and be able to teach lessons personally Classroom.

We can get lessons and homework in the App Store, both for use with educational institution and be able to teach lessons personally Classroom.

With this update, both apps renew their vocation as a hub, both inside and outside the classroom, where students and teachers can access, perform their tasks and find all information they need.

Source: Appleinsider

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