Apple updates its patent on the Magic Wand remote control for Apple TV.

Apple continues to insist on defining more and more applications of the maybe future apple tv remote controldescribing throughout a document that already reaches 64 pages, new methods that allow the mouse cursor to be moved precisely on the television screen, combining the pointer and 3D control functions in a similar way to the Nintendo Wii remote .

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of the nicknamed Magic Wand (magic wand), and from SamaGame we have echoed on multiple occasions these patents that the Cupertino company has been requesting since 2007. The initial idea was as simple as the cursor following the movement of the controller in the hands of the user, and in Subsequent patents have been specifying applications such as facilitating navigation through a kind of giant CoverFlow for movies.

Unlike the five-button remote that comes with the current version of Apple TV, the Magic Wand would be able to control a large number of new actions that would be available in this future media center. Some examples would be the ability to zoom, type on a virtual keyboard, draw in an application, or manipulate photos.

Apple updates its patent on the Magic Wand remote control for Apple TV

According to the new patent application made by Apple about this technology, the Apple TV could identify the movements of the control using any of the components available for it, including a accelerometer or a gyroscope. Another approach to recognizing their movements would be to determine the absolute position control with respect to one or more infrared emitters located next to the television screen. Has anyone else ever seen the Wii Sensor Bar?

“The wand can incorporate an optical component that allows it to capture images of the infrared modules to calculate their orientation and distance from them (…) In some cases, it is the electronic device that can direct the infrared modules to identify the position an infrared emitter built into the wand, allowing them to calculate their absolute position of the wand relative to them.”

Apple updates its patent on the Magic Wand remote control for Apple TV

Thanks to this command Apple TV could get a tremendous boost multiplying its possibilities by ten and blurring the line that separates a media center from a conventional computer. For example, in one of the examples that illustrate the patent, we see how pressing the menu button would cause a Dock to appear at the bottom of the screen, which we would navigate through by moving the control from left to right. But what’s really interesting about the Magic Wand is that it would reduce the need for some of its physical buttons in favor of gestures or predefined movements.

“The user could make a selection by moving the wand in a particular way, for example drawing a circle, rotating the knob, moving it a certain distance from the screen, or any other possible movement.”

Apple updates its patent on the Magic Wand remote control for Apple TV

The proposed idea is simple. In a CoverFlow screen we could go from one cover to another by turning the knob in one direction (to the left to jump to the cover on the left or to the right to jump to the cover on the left). While viewing a collection of images, we could bring the controller closer to the screen to enlarge one or rotate it to rotate it. And of course, the virtual keyboard, essential if you want to open the field to more applications such as web browsing without resorting to additional accessories such as a wireless keyboard.

And now the question we all ask ourselves, when?

Apple updates its patent on the Magic Wand remote control for Apple TV