For about a month, I had the opportunity to test the Apple Watch Series 5, in its Nike 40 mm version. Although this is not my first time using a smartwatch, since I have owned a Moto 360 for several years, yes this is my first contact with an Apple WatchIn short, the experience was incredible.

I was unable to compare two completely different devices, not only by brand or operating system, but also by year of manufacture, because at this point, the Moto 360 loses with a big drawback. That’s why, to write these lines, I erased my memories as much as possible with the Motorola smartwatch and put myself in the shoes of someone who has a whole new category of device on their hands.

The magic of the screen always on

One of the most relevant aspects to me is the ability to see the screen always on. This is one of the most important innovations that the Apple Watch Series 5 has received, and it is a key factor for those who are used to having a classic watch, which you should only look at to indicate. time. It put me at ease and it helped make my experience more seamless with the device.

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On the other hand, I must point out that the Apple Watch Series 5 40mm is ideal for a person with small hands, as I am. When I took it out of the box, that was the first thought that occurred to me and I was really surprised at how comfortable it felt in the hand: It is light, its design is beautiful and the Nike bracelet matches my personality.

A much healthier life


We now move on to another aspect that concerned me entirely: physical activity. I have to admit that lately I’ve become more sedentary, and I’m talking a little over a year now. I thought this situation would hardly change when a quarantine period was declared in Colombia, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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However, my encounter with the Apple Watch Series 5 coincided with this time when I was at home, and I decided to use it from that point on, taking a pleasant surprise. Since I installed the smartwatch, I noticed thanks to the ‘Breathe’ app that I was carried away by the stress of everyday life, without thinking for a second about my physical and mental health.

One day in the afternoon when I was writing, I had been doing the same thing for several hours and had several earrings. Suddenly the Apple Watch vibrated, I checked because I wanted to know if there was any breaking news, and I noticed that an app asked me to stop doing what she was doing, do something that seems obvious: breathe.

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Since I was testing the device, I stopped the task I was doing and decided to find out what it was. So, I stopped moving, put the music in silence and focused on my breathing (which was a bit fast at the time due to the stress of the moment). I did the exercise of breathing slowly, to the rhythm of the blue flower of the ‘Respiration’ application, and in two minutes I felt the difference, I was relaxing!

At this point, the smartwatch has taken on a whole different meaning for me: it’s not just a fad or other device to connect forever and overlook what’s important, it’s quite the opposite. This month, when I use the Apple Watch Series 5, I realized that these wearable devices can become an ally. so that we can take care of what is really important: our physical and mental health.

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An invitation to always be active

series 5series 5

It’s clear that the “Breathe” app isn’t the only Apple Watch Series 5 app that helps us be more health conscious. This is where the famous rings start to take center stage, something I even wrote here at Applesfera but always wanted to know.

It wasn’t until I had the Series 5 in my possession that I understood why my dear Pedro Aznar was so happy to boast that he had completed the rings when he could jog. Of course, from my house, I couldn’t close them all or have that pleasant experience of personal satisfaction, But I was able to realize my sedentary lifestyle and fight it.

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The “Activity” app constantly reminds us if we spend a lot of time sitting and need to take an active break, even if it’s to complete our “Move” circle. But that’s not all, because here we can change the goals and establish the numbers that we like the most, so that we can stay active and healthy.

I can use Forest from my wrist!

Img 3040Img 3040

If you read me during these almost 5 years of writing for Applesfera, you will surely come across one of my “Forest” related articles one day. It’s my favorite productivity app since 2015, because with it I avoid constantly checking the smartphone, while planting virtual trees.

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Img 3053Img 3053

Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that “Forest” works on Apple Watch. and I was even able to use the smart watch’s app store to download it. This is another of the great advantages that watchOS 6 offers and it makes a huge difference as it is no longer necessary to do a process on the iPhone to install an app on the watch.

With this feature, the smartwatch gains much more independence from the smartphone, and that really turns me on, because I don’t have to spend so much time glued to the smartphone screen, thanks to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 5 allows me to do various tasks without depending on the iPhone.

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The battery left me a wish for the future Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been updated internally with a new chip designed to make the device more power efficient than ever before. Recall that this new feature that I loved, the always-on screen, is a key element when it comes to spending more battery, so to offer this service, Apple decided to make this adjustment in the processor.

As a result, the Series 5 has a day’s battery life, in Apple’s terms, but in my particular case it became a day and a half or almost two, when I wasn’t using it that much. or I don’t wear it, because I admit that on weekends if I prefer to leave it on the nightstand, to relax a bit and disconnect from notifications.

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While battery is an issue that many smartwatches need to work on, to make the experience of switching from a normal watch to a digital watch a little easier, I wish Apple would in the near future. surprised us by launching an Apple Watch Series with a longer battery life, This would be the point that I think of not only Apple, but a lot of companies need to improve to make smartwatches a much more attractive product.

In short, what I noticed during this month of testing is that the Apple Watch Series 5 is much more than a smartwatch. This device has come to the market to become a healthy life partner for all who decide to buy it, and also, of course, a tool to make life easier for users.

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With the Apple Watch Series 5, it is possible to control lights, open doors, play music, wake up, measure our heart rate, measure our physical activity, receive and send messages, and even to sit a few minutes a day and breathe, not forgetting The most important thing in the end will always be our physical and mental health.

Source: Appleinsider