Apple Watch Series 8: new face, other colors and more.

Apple so far has an announcement date for the Apple Watch Series 8 during the iPhone event on September 14. So far, the user VNchocoTaco or better known as ShrimpApplePro, indicated some details about what they have been told about the Series 8. Among the features, some special colors for the model are discussed, as well as the production calendar, among other things.

Apple Watch Series 8, it is known that…

At the moment, there is already a good couple of facts about the Apple Watch Series 8 since Bloomberg has released them. The data presents only very few differences between the last generation and the Series 8, although Apple does not waste time and will have available the “Pro” version that will be the protagonist of the gala. Shrimp, however, does not really have information on that version, although it does collect some past reports.

Apple Watch Series 8: new face, other colors and more

The colors for the Series 8

According to the information shared by said user, it defines some characteristics of what the 8 series model will be like:

  • As with the design of the Apple Watch Series 7, the next generation will also have 41mm and 45mm.
  • The Aluminum material will have colors like starlight, midnight, silver and product red.
  • For the stainless steel material it will have silver, graphite and gold colors.
  • Apparently for this version, there will be no Series 8 in titanium.

In the event that the information shared by the user is true, it means that the green and blue colors would not have a place in the model, at least while the company takes the time to return to silver aluminum. A question that is not so inconsistent either, since the starlight color also coexists with the silver color on the MacBook Air. Besides that the color starlight can be considered as a combination of the colors silver and gold. It should be noted that the company received some complaints in the 7 series for not having a neutral color.

Apple Watch Series 8: new face, other colors and more

Release Dates

Shrimp shared that the model’s schedule has mass production planned to start sometime in August. Following the dates, the first announcement will be made during the middle of September, so we will only have to wait a couple of weeks for Apple to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 for sale.

Not everything could be totally good, since ShrimApplePro has not given any indication of the sources about the Apple Watch, so some data may or may not be real. Apart from the fact that he did not share any other relevant information on the subject. On the other hand, Bloomberg declares that the robust version of the Apple Watch is also being prepared with a titanium casing and an improved screen in dimensions. Although the launch is not entirely clear, the only thing left to do is trust that it will follow the schedule.

Apple Watch Series 8: new face, other colors and more

More details of the Apple Watch Series 8

There are some extra details that were released yesterday. They also mention that the device case for the Apple Watch Series 8 will adhere much better thanks to a “stronger glue”, speaking clearly compared to the last generation.

Clearly, the company has better adaptations in mind for the material of the device, keeping in mind that better durability is required. So finally, among the last details that remain to be said about the series 8 is the probable new face for the watch. Nor would it be too much of a surprise for customers, as this is usually common.

Apple Watch Series 8: new face, other colors and more

The other issue to report would be the lack of an Edition model made of titanium in the standard version. However, it is also not surprising, since the materials are of a high quality to mass market the device during 2022. Between these details and the lack of blue and green colors, there may be divided opinions.