The Apple TV + arrived last year with a peculiar but very interesting bet: All content displayed on the Apple service is original from the company, it cannot be seen on any other platform. However, this condemns Apple TV + to have, at least during its first months, a much smaller catalog than its main rivals which have hundreds of series and films available.

But all this could radically change according to the latest information released today BloombergApparently Apple wants to compete with Netflix or HBO and will change its strategy with Apple TV +. Apple purchases older movies and series for its service to create a catalog that can best compare to the huge libraries available on Netflix, HOB, or Disney +.

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Apple TV + prepares to compete

It’s true that Apple TV + has just been born, but it has a significant drawback compared to other platforms that have been creating content for years and buying it from others. Apple’s service costs less than Netflix or Disney +, however in a month or two you can see all the available content. And it’s an issue that could prevent current Apple TV + Free Year subscribers from renewing it when encountered.

While Apple’s strategy may sound good, the reality is that in this market the catalog behind you. For more than you the content is original and of better qualityThere are people who want Netflix to enjoy old series, like Friends or classic movie sagas. According to information from _Bloomberg, Apple TV + had 10 million subscribers in FebruaryHowever, only half accessed the service in February, just before the pandemic, and that got Apple thinking.

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For these reasons, Apple TV + Programming Executives Meet With Hollywood Studios To Obtain Old Content License for the Apple platform and purchased some programs and movies, according to sources consulted by Bloomberg. But that’s just the first step, and so far no major franchise or blockbuster acquisitions have been made.

We don’t know if This change in strategy is due to the current crisis which prevents Apple and its studios from recording new series and seasons, and for this reason, they want to acquire already created content to improve their catalog, or if it is a change of course that will increase the catalog of Apple TV + in the same as Netflix and other platforms. Apple’s strategy is similar to that of Disney + with original content, but the big difference is that Disney has a very large catalog behind them. We’ll see if the company will make an announcement on this soon, or if it’s something planned for the future.

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Source: Techradar