Apple’s 6 biggest scandals and fiascoes of 2014.

2014 ends and Apple closes one of the best years in its history. With a box full of dollars, record revenue, more iPhones sold than ever, and the launch of several new products that promise to revolutionize their markets: Apple Watch and Apple Pay. Tim Cook lives the best moment of him in the company and has been CEO of the year for CNN and a finalist for Person of the Year for Time. However, not everything has been perfect this year. Partly because of Apple’s mistakes and incompetence, and partly because of the stupidity of some, Apple has been embroiled in several notable scandals this year. Loud fiascoes that have made more than one wonder if Apple knows what it is doing or not with its products. Today we give you a brief summary of what we have found to be Apple’s most important errors in 2014, in order of severity.

U2 and the problems of overfed societies

This is undoubtedly the most incomprehensible scandal of the year. Apple took out his wallet and decided to pay U2 a pretty penny to give away their new album, The Songs of Innocence, to all of their iTunes customers (close to 1 billion people). In what I personally consider to be one of the best examples of “first world problems”, many users complained that they had been given the album and were outraged that they had to delete it (oh my gosh, would they sprain their wrists?). thumb when doing it?). Responding to the criticism, Apple ended up releasing a specific tool to give up the gift and U2 went so far as to apologize publicly for the matter.

Apple’s 6 biggest scandals and fiascoes of 2014

Bendgate and other paranormal stories

A few days after the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus, some users came out denouncing that their brand new terminal had bent under normal conditions of use. A cunning youtuber rushed to make a video proving it was true and garnered 60 million views (with its consequent advertising revenue). Apple later said that only 9 customers had actually reported the problem. To this day, it is not very well known how much truth there is in all this history. It is true that with strength and will you can bend an iPhone, and even an iPad. But I have not yet known a single real case of someone whose iPhone has bent. Mine is now two months old and still as straight and steady as the brutal sales of the iPhone, who don’t seem to have noticed this scandal in the slightest.

The embarrassing (and brief) life of iOS 8.0.1

This is without a doubt one of the most ridiculous times of the year for Apple. He released an iOS update that disabled the devices’ mobile connection and Touch ID. As one user said, very ironically: he had turned his €800 iPhone into an iPod. Apple pulled the update in a few minutes but by then there were already thousands of users affected. A short time later Apple released iOS 8.0.2 fixing the problem. To round out the fiasco, it turns out that the boss responsible for the blunder was the same one who led Apple Maps in its disastrous launch. Months later, and we are already on iOS 8.1.2, we continue to see many bugs in iOS 8, which some are calling the worst version of iOS to date.

Apple’s 6 biggest scandals and fiascoes of 2014

The unfortunate iPad mini 3

The October keynote arrived and they surprised us with the excellent iPad Air 2. In that presentation they also announced the iPad mini 3. The ridiculous 29 seconds they dedicated to this new product already hinted at how unimportant it was to Apple. The only improvements were Touch ID, NFC chip and a new gold color. It was undoubtedly the disappointment of the year for all SamaGame.

The cursed widgets and the sacrifice of lambs

2014 has seen the enormous opening of iOS to third parties, with keyboards, widgets, extensions… However, developers have run into a big problem when it comes to releasing their applications: nobody really knows what is allowed in the App Store and what not Not even Apple itself! That results in some apps being approved, subsequently banned, and even reapproved again. We are not talking about isolated cases: Launcher, PCalc, Neato, Drafts, Transmit are examples of lambs sacrificed by Apple because of its own incompetence in defining the rules of the game. A gibberish that does a lot of damage and makes the work of developers difficult, which harms all users. Let’s hope Apple fixes this and soon.

Apple’s 6 biggest scandals and fiascoes of 2014

celeb gate

It doesn’t matter what really happened on a technical level. It doesn’t matter if the keys were stolen by brute force or in third-party services that shared the same password as in iCloud. It is irrelevant that even the FBI has criticized how impregnable iO is and that they even veiledly accuse Apple of the deaths of children. Nobody is interested in Apple confirming that there was no security breach in its systems. And none of this matters because the damage has already been done and the only thing that hundreds of millions of people remember is that the massive leak of intimate photos of celebrities were in iCloud. And they have a point because Apple was quick to increase iCloud security in the days following the scandal. This is probably what has done the most damage to Apple’s image of all the fiascos of the year. Curiously, who has not done any harm is one of the most affected: Jennifer Lawrence this year has been the actress who has generated the most income in the films in which she has participated.

What do you think? Do you miss any other episode to forget in this year of Apple?

Apple’s 6 biggest scandals and fiascoes of 2014