Apple’s processor components would cost more than Intel’s

The arrival of Apple computers with processors signed by the company is approaching and therefore, more and more information is known about their production. This change that will replace Intel processors, used so far, would mean higher performance and, as previously thought, a more affordable price. However, new rumors claim that the latter possibility is not entirely true.

According to data from a Bernstein Research report that we shared a few days ago, the transition to self-made processors could lead to an estimated saving to Apple of about $ 2 billion per year. However, famed Apple production chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims otherwise, and after all, Apple’s processor components will cost more than Intel’s.

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Apple’s Mac processor will be more expensive

One of Apple’s most trusted analysts has said that this move from Intel to its own processor, the personalized Apple Silicon will lead to a price increase per unit for the company, justified by the effort to design the change and “the costs borne by the suppliers”.

“The switch to Apple Silicon comes at an additional cost. Due to design changes the unit price will increase ”

It is unclear whether Apple will absorb this price increase, or whether it will pass the cost on to consumers in the form of a price increase for Macs with Apple’s new processor.

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In the same statement, Kuo said he sees better-than-expected demand for Apple MacBooks due to launch of new MacBook Air and the fact that many workers are still working from home.

“Taking advantage of the need to work from home, we have increased the MacBook 3T20 shipment forecast by approximately 30%. Due to increased demand for home work and demand for MacBook Air, shipments to 2S20 are better than expected, so we expect MacBook shipments to increase by about 15% in 2020 to 16-16.5 million units. “

After ten years of experience in chip development, it is expected that the first computers with the processor signed by Apple will arrive in December of this year and as Tim Cook said, during the last WWDC 2020: “He’s coming to change things.”
Will the price also change?

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