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Wandering around social media, you have noticed that some of your friends are constantly posting videos where they copy well-known music, movies or videos. Let me guess: you’d like to do something like this, too, but no matter how inexperienced you are, you just don’t have the faintest idea of ​​the tools you can use to succeed. For this reason, Google has opened up for more information on the subject, which occurs right here on my website.

Things are exactly as I described to you, right? So know that you are in the right place, at the right time! In fact, during this tutorial, I’ll show you a series of application to copy usable in different situations: dubbing of videos, famous movies or, again, songs by well-known artists.

So, without waiting a moment longer, sit back and read carefully everything I have to tell you on the subject: I am sure that by the end of this guide, you will be able to achieve, with very little difficulty, your favorite voiceovers. With that being said, I have nothing left to do but wish you all a good read and have fun!

video ripping app

Do you want to copy the movies to your device memory, but feel that you don’t have proper knowledge to use a professional video editing app? Then this is the right section for you – below I’ll show you how a couple of apps can do this easily and in a couple of taps.

YouCut (Android)

YouCut is a great app for Androidavailable for free on the Play Store, which allows you to edit the movies in the device memory, which allows, in this regard, to also add custom audio (voice, music effects and much more).

After installing the app, launch it and tap on the button (+)to select the movie of your interest from the device memory, by pressing the button allowif necessary, to grant them the required permissions.

Now if you want to completely overwrite the sound of the movie, tap on the button volume and move the cursor to the left to the screen, then touch the shaped button sign of find outto confirm the change made.

Then tap the button recordthen the button allow (so the app can access the microphone) and to start recording your voice (along with the video preview), tap the button in the shape of microphone placed below.

If you want, you can play everything by touching the button ▶︎ ; as needed, you can also move the voice recording to the right or left, simply by tapping on its preview (marked with a speaker icon) and dragging it where you feel best.

When you are satisfied with the result, touch the shaped button check mark and, to save the movie, touch the button Keep, placed at the top. Finally, select the quality you want and touch the button again Keepto transfer the movie thus created to the memory of your device.

Add Music to Video Maker – Music Video (iOS/iPadOS)

Contrary to what the name implies, Add Music to Video Maker is an application that allows you to add custom voice recordings to videos in the iPhone and iPad gallery, effectively duplicating the video in question. The app is available for free on the App Store but has ads (which can be removed by purchasing the Premium version, at the current price of €4.49 ).

Anyway, let me explain how to use it all. After launching the app, tap the button allowTo make sure you can access the movies on iPhone or iPad, select the video you are interested in from the Gallery, to start a preview and, with your choice, touch the button select located at the top right.

At this point, tap the button record (the one marked with the icon in the form of microphone ) and touch the button Well to make the app use the device’s onboard microphone. To start recording your voice, tap Red circle placed at the bottom of the screen, taking care to follow the “times” dictated by the previous movie (whose playback will start automatically).

When you are satisfied with the result, tap the button share (top right) and choose whether Keep video in device memory ( Keep ), share it on instagram or in vine. Happy?

Application to copy famous movies

One of the most used applications to make funny dubbing of movies, music videos and other similar content is, without a doubt, madlipz – is a free app, available for Android and iOS/iPadOS, that allows you to create perfect voiceovers in a couple of taps, with the ability to share them within the MadLipz community (which you need to subscribe to anyway), or send them through files to friends and family.

Using it is very simple: first, tap the button hireto start the creation of a new account and, once you have reached the next screen, fill out the proposed form indicating yours Email address and one password to login. Alternatively, you can speed everything up by accessing via Google either Facebookusing the appropriate buttons located at the bottom.

Now specify a Username To identify yourself, choose the language to use (presumably Italian) and, if desired, add one profile picture to further personalize your account. When you’re done, check the box next to Check this to accept our Terms and Privacy Policy and touch the button made to access the main screen of the application.

At this point, choose whether or not you want to enable notifications (if necessary) and tap the button (+), located in the lower center, to select the movie to copy. To access the movie clips screen, touch the tab cinema, placed on top; if, on the other hand, you want to search for the movie title directly, tap the button Look for (the one with magnifying glass ) and enter it in the search bar.

Once you’ve found the movie you’re interested in, tap the icon in the shape of microphone (the red one) and then on the button fold, to indicate your willingness to perform dubbing. Now, wait for the app to process the video, allow use the microphone, if necessary, and tap the button game to play the original movie

When you feel ready to start copying, tap the button files placed at the bottom and performs your dubbing, helping you with the images played on the screen. If you want, you can review your movie by touching the button game located in the center of the screen.

Once you get the result you want, tap check mark located in the upper right corner, wait for the movie to be processed and choose if you want to share it on the portal in the form private (only can see it and whoever has the link), or public (all platform subscribers will be able to access the video), acting on the special lever located at the bottom. finally hit the button made to post the video.

At this point, you can choose to share it via the link via one of the most popular social applications (Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), using the appropriate on-screen buttons, or if you share it as a file, by pressing the button further and selecting the application of your choice from the appropriate panel. If you want, you can also save the movie to the device memory by choosing the option Save video.

application to copy songs

Would you like to experience the thrill of singing with the voice of a famous singer, replacing your face with his, but you don’t really know how to do it? So you can’t ignore it dubsmash – is a free app, available for Android and iOS/iPadOS, that makes it easy to create themed videos from any category. Among the many features, it also allows you to “duplicate” parts of famous tracks (you can’t use them in full, for copyright reasons), replacing your face with the original author’s.

You ask me how to use it? I’ll tell you right away. After launching the app, tap the button Create Account and, if you intend to register using your phone numberenter it in the text box that is proposed and touch the button use SMS to receive the confirmation code by SMS.

Alternatively, you can register via e-mail playing voice Sign up with email address : enter yours Email address in the appropriate field displayed on the screen, tap the button followingindicates the Username to identify yourself, tap the button again following and finally, specify one password to access the service (consisting of at least 8 characters).

Finally, enter yours birthdate he country where do you live and yours language. Now, to skip the automatic addition of new contacts, press the button following (located at the top), then the button skip and, if requested, repeat this operation one more time.

If everything went well, you should now go to the main screen of the application: tap the button (+) to start creating a new copy, tap the button sounds and, using the search area at the top, type the qualification of the song you want to copy.

Now, select the one most relevant to your search, click the button (+)to start recording a new video, then frame your face (or any other subject; you can change the camera in use by pressing the button with both circular arrows ) and start the acquisition by pressing the circular button viola.

At the end of the song, wait for the video to be made, and if you want to immediately download it to the device memory, touch the button Keep, placed on top; if instead you intend to continue posting the video to the Dubsmash community, tap the buttons following and Messages.

More apps to copy

If he application to copy of which I have spoken to you during this guide you have not managed to fully satisfy your needs, you have no reason to fear: in fact, there are numerous applications of this type, which allow you to achieve results of all respect, in a couple of taps . Below you will find a few.

  • InShot (Android / iOS / iPadOS): It is an application dedicated to video editing that, among its features, also allows you to replace the original audio of the movie with music or audio recordings. It is basically a free app, however a watermark is applied to the movie, which can be removed by purchasing the paid version.
  • VivaVideo (Android/iOS/iPadOS): Another app that lets you add real-time recorded music, sound effects, and audio to movies in the gallery. Also in this case, it is a free app that automatically adds a watermark to the videos created through it (a watermark that can be removed by purchasing the Premium Gold version).
  • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS) – This is one of the most popular video editors dedicated to Apple devices, also available in a PC version. iMovie allows, among other things, to replace the original audio of any movie in the gallery of the device. It’s free
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