Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013).

Welcome to this month’s final review of apps and games. This week I made some slight changes to Apps of the Week. Now every week you will find more applications in it along with short videos presenting them. Of course, there will also be descriptions, but they have been significantly shortened. Nevertheless, I hope that this form of the App of the Week cycle will be well received among you, so I invite you 😉


Student Budget

It has always been known that a student is rarely at the cash desk. So if you are one of them, the Student Budget app can help you. It is true that you will not become one of the richest students at the university thanks to it, but it will make it easier for you to manage your budget.

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

Google Play – Free


The application is used to record a few-second videos, which we can then beautify using filters known to us from Instagram. Flipagram will also allow us to create short slideshows consisting of photos from the aforementioned website.

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

App Store – Free, Google Play – Free

Sochi 2014 Guide

Are you interested in winter sports and want to be up to date with information about the upcoming Olympics in Sochi? If so, you might like the Sochi 2014 Guide app. It contains schedules, news and allows you to order tickets.

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

Windows Phone Store – Free, App Store – Free, Google Play – Free


Here we are also dealing with an application dealing with sports, in this case we are dealing with football. We will find a lot of data on the upcoming matches in European leagues, results, as well as information about the Football World Cup in Brazil.

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

Google Play – Free


The application, which in my opinion should have been warming up a place in the App Store and Google Play for a long time, has only recently found its way there. The Windows movie player known to most people is already in the Play Store.

Google Play – Free

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)


Branches is another application for browsing Twitter and adding new tweets. Compared to the competition, it stands out with its simplicity and transparency in presenting tweets.

Google Play – Free



Strata belongs to the family of puzzle games. Our task is to arrange the colorful stripes in such a way that they form the right pattern. As you level up, the number of bars increases, which increases the difficulty level. Loss will surely provide us with a lot of entertainment and make us think.

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

Windows Phone – PLN 10.40, App Store – $2.99, Google Play – Free (demo); PLN 10.20 (full)

Naught 2

Continuation of the platformer in which we travel through a dark land with a creature resembling a cat. The game is characterized by accelerometer control, which is not often found in this type of titles. By turning the phone, we do not directly control the character, but the world around him. An interesting treat for fans of climatic platform games. Google Play – PLN 3.73

Boson X

A runner arcade game with angular graphics in which our hero in a suit found himself in what I conclude from the name of the game was to resemble the interior of the Large Hadron Collider. I don’t know if the authors managed to reproduce well what is inside the largest machine in the world 😉 but despite the specific visual setting, the game is very addictive. Google Play – PLN 5.87

rock runners

Another runner on today’s list, but this time in a platform style. Colorful 3D graphics along with gameplay known to us from Rayman Fiesta Run, among others, should appeal to younger players. App Store – $0.99, Google Play – Free

Apps of the Week (24/11-30/11/2013)

Burn The Rope 3D

Slightly refreshed and forgotten by some, the classic from mobile devices in a three-dimensional version has recently been added to the App Store. In Burn The Rope 3D we will have to use the accelerometer to control the flames in the right way so that they do not go out and spawn to the designated goal. App Store – $2.99

Hill Climb Racing

The iconic game from Android devices hit the Windows Phone Store a few days ago. I don’t think I need to introduce Hill Climb Racing to anyone, but if you haven’t heard of this game yet, I really encourage you to download it, because it’s available for free. Windows Phone Store – Free, Google Play – Free