Almost 19 years ago, in November 2001, a dystopian shooter was released AquaNox, in which mankind had to leave the surface of the Earth and settle in underwater colonies. Now players will return to the world of Aqua in Aquanox Deep Descent.

The developers have already announced the release date of the game: on October 16 it will appear on the PC and will be sold in Steam… And the news of the imminent release was accompanied by a new picturesque trailer, in which we can worry about the fate of a cockroach that got into a submarine hangar.

In Aquanox Deep Descent, we will be given control of a squad of stormtroopers from four unique pilots who participate in the battles of factions for resources and power. In addition to the story campaign, there will be a number of multiplayer modes, both co-op and confrontations.

Source : Game Informer