Are EVE Online players the smartest in the world?.

EVE Online developers were suspected of leaking, and then it turned out that the players were even smarter than they thought.

I owe you a confession: while I live, I will be angry at the Icelandic CCP for letting the World of Darkness license lie dormant for many years, but at the same time I am forced to admit that what I did with EVE Online is unique in its kind. In fact, there are MMOs that are much more popular than him, but for no reason his fans wouldn’t be fooled by it for 17 round years. If I were to ask them about this, they would probably no longer apostrophize the time spent playing as a recreation or hobby, but as a way of life. And if such a persistent and dedicated community is formed around a work, great things can be born from it.

Yesterday, the last chapter of Triglavian Invasion started within EVE Online, so players can finally make a point at the end of the event, which will last almost a year, and take revenge on the intruders who are with them. The developers tried to keep the information about the Triglavian faction as secret as possible, but did not expect the Arataka Research Consortium, which brings together a particularly determined group of users, to find out almost everything about the new enemy through meticulous work, analysis and deduction.

Are EVE Online players the smartest in the world?

The group’s report, which it published about the current galactic threat, was so thorough that the CCP feared the information came from an internal source, in some words a staff member leaked it.

During yesterday’s Digital EVE Fanfest, the developers quoted from the consortium’s report, the fourth edition of Triglavian Primer, for example, that forces preparing to invade favor systems whose stars are still young (such as recognizing that they are blue light). shine). Based on this, the defense was set up in the right places by the EDENCOM organization, which can be joined by all the players who would take their share of the fight.

Are EVE Online players the smartest in the world?

Senior brand manager Sæmundur Hermannsson admitted that he had never seen such an impressive job from the community as Arataka’s account. Creative director Bergur Finnbogason also spoke with appreciation about the players.

“It was very rude when I first saw it, I had to take a break and think. I wasn’t sure if any of us had leaked. I have to say, there are few smarter people in EVE Online players. Of course, many people wear aluminum foil helmets, warfare is common. and stabbing each other in the back, but when these highly smart individuals come together, something like now is born out of it.It’s simply an amazing piece of research, I think it should be published.In fact, in terms of number of users, EVE Online isn’t the most popular game in the world, but our community’s passion and commitment. unprecedented.”

Are EVE Online players the smartest in the world?

Are you still playing EVE Online?

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Are EVE Online players the smartest in the world?