Are iPhone apps better than their respective mobile versions?.

iPhones are in fashion, and with them an impressive string of applications (some of them specific). But what to do when a website, for example an online casino or a sports news page, does not have a mobile version? Do the standard mobile versions of these types of platforms work correctly on iPhone? Let’s take a look below

Online Casinos: Mobile Versions with Superlative Optimization

Let’s take one of the best online casinos today as an example: LeoVegas does not register big differences between doing it through the native mobile application or mobile version. You may save some time if you use the mobile app as it is easily accessible from your iPhone’s home screen. However, if you are looking to use its mobile version through your mobile device’s browser, it will take longer to get up and running. play, as you’ll first need to search for the platform in the address bar (unless you already have it open in the background).

Are iPhone apps better than their respective mobile versions?

But if this is the only difference, why do the best online casinos in Spain develop mobile applications? Well, because it is by no means the only element in which they differ. The mobile versions are exceptional for when we don’t have much free space to install applications or, simply, for those who are a little lazy. However, a native app is developed by and for mobiles exclusively. It is not an optimization to use. In this way, it usually works better in global terms, sometimes even with extra functions.

Detailed comparison between a mobile version and a native application

Currently, even online sports newspapers offer mobile applications. It may seem silly, considering that its mobile versions seem to work quite well. But let’s see in more detail what differentiates each of the proposals:

Are iPhone apps better than their respective mobile versions?

mobile version

The mobile version is still a mobile adaptation in terms of viewing a website used to running on laptops or desktop computers. This can generate certain limitations, since the screen of a mobile device will always be smaller than that of a computer. On the other hand, a key term appears here: responsive web. When a traditional web page is adapted to mobile devices, it must be done in such a way that it is capable of detecting the device from which it is accessed. In this way, it will be as efficient as possible.

Mobile app

Whether you run them on your current iPhone or on the next and highly anticipated iPhone 14, the application is characterized, first of all, by being a program that you download and install on your device. The applications seek to cover a specific need of the user. As we have already said, they require storage space to function. Their main advantage is that they are designed from the ground up by and for mobile devices, so their fluidity and intuitive interface are taken for granted.

Are iPhone apps better than their respective mobile versions?

Moreover, in relation to the example that we have given regarding online casinos, the apps have all the operator’s offer, while it is possible that the mobile version is not capable of running some games. In addition, the mobile versions, no matter how well optimized they are, usually present execution problems, as well as longer loading times. This is something that many players find excessively annoying.

So is it better to use a mobile app?

Not necessarily. If you don’t have free space on your device, and you want to consult sports information, for example, you will be able to survive with the mobile version, which is generally well optimized in practically all renowned portals. However, to play, the best option in terms of functionality, even if it is not essential, will always be the app.

Are iPhone apps better than their respective mobile versions?